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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Cameos

Star Trek: Discovery’s season finale shot the crew into a space and time wholly unexplored by Star Trek, however that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for extra nostalgic cameos. Far from it, in reality.

“Such Sweet Sorrow Part II” ended with Michael Burnham main the united statesS. Discovery into the 32nd century, almost a thousand years into the longer term from where they started. It was a transfer designed to keep dangerous know-how out of the clutches of Control, a malevolent A.I. bent on attaining sentience and the whole annihilation of all organic life. From a story standpoint, it also freed up Discovery to truly uncover new life and new civilizations – a Star Trek custom that the primary two seasons somewhat eschewed in favor of nostalgic deep dives into numerous individuals, cultures and conceits principally mined from elements of the Unique Collection. However whereas Discovery is now freed from prequel detritus and capable of chart its personal story, it’s uncertain we’ll have seen the last of the present’s incorporations of earlier Trek.

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Even without the (heavy) use of time travel, there are many species and characters from earlier Star Trek collection that would probably meet up with the Discovery. Beings with long lifespans, beings with eternal lifespans, beings who stay outdoors linear time and area – Star Trek canon is filled with them, and a handful of them would make for some very, very fascinating encounters.

Temporal Brokers

One among most memorable arcs of Star Trek: Enterprise was the Temporal Cold Conflict, which saw differing factions warring by way of time with the NX-01 typically caught within the center. Managing the mess and appearing as a liaison to Captain Archer was a temporal agent recognized solely as Daniels. He helped the crew forestall temporal incursions brought on by the Suliban Cabal and other factions, and was based mostly in the 31st century. Considering the nature of Discovery’s journey (many temporal incursions adopted by one huge one), it might make more sense than not for a temporal agent, if not Daniels himself, to point out up to greet them.

The Traveler/Wesley Crusher

Star Trek - The Traveler and Wesley Crusher

The background of the Traveler and his species is fairly obscure, but he had the distinctive means to part out and in of time, area and dimensions through the use of his thoughts. His decidedly non-linear way of life makes his species a natural candidate to reappear on Discovery (contemplating the ship can type of do the identical factor with the spore drive), however the extra fascinating risk is that they might encounter Wesley Crusher.

Throughout TNG’s seventh season, Wesley Crusher’s remaining episode, “Journey’s End,” sees him dissatisfied together with his potential future in Starfleet. Ultimately, the Traveler appears to him and gives him the prospect to explore the bounds of reality and existence along with him. In Star Trek: Nemesis, Wesley’s returned to Starfleet and serving as a Lieutenant, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have rejoined the Traveler again or simply manifested comparable talents, which would absolutely have allowed him to cross paths with Discovery. And contemplating Wil Wheaton’s nonetheless quite lively together with his Star Trek legacy, it’s exhausting to imagine him saying no to the prospect.


Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan in Star Trek The Next Generation

The Ten Forward barkeep and longtime confidante of Jean-Luc Picard was El-Aurian, a peaceful species that specialised in listening, for lack of a greater phrase. Earlier than the Borg decimated their inhabitants in 2265, El-Aurians traveled the universe, mixing in with different races (in some instances) and learning their ways. The Subsequent Era made much of Guinan’s advanced age (not to point out her 23 marriages and lots of, many youngsters), and whereas we by no means acquired a precise number, El-Aurians have undoubtedly been recognized to reside for a minimum of 1000 years. Guinan was alive as early because the late 19th century as evidenced by her look in “Time’s Arrow,” and we don’t understand how previous she was then. But if she have been very young within the 19th century and El-Aurians reside longer than a millennia, it’s not outdoors the realm of risk for the character to point out up again. And if she is alive within the 32nd century, she may even have the ability to register Discovery’s arrival if time journey of that magnitude triggers her unique sensory notion.

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Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Odo

Odo (or just the Founders themselves) is a particularly probably candidate to come across the Discovery in the 32nd century. At no point throughout Deep Area 9 did the present establish a concrete lifespan when it came to Changelings, and contemplating they will do issues like, say, survive in the vacuum of area, they’re undoubtedly working with a reasonably resistant mobile construction to say the least. And at one level the female Changeling refers to Odo as “timeless,” although it’s potential she was exaggerating as a reflection of her distaste for the comparatively weaker solids he selected to encompass himself with. Plus, extra-long lifespans might have easily contributed to the godlike status they maintained to the various societies they conquered.

However extra fascinating than Changeling lifespan is their location. They have been based mostly within the Gamma Quadrant, with their homeworld and the Great Hyperlink situated on the other aspect of the wormhole that opened near Bajor within the Alpha Quadrant. Discovery is presumably heading straight to the Gamma Quadrant with plans to choose Terralysium. If that is the place they end up, it’s completely attainable they’ll come into contact with a Changeling, if not Odo himself.

Ben Sisko

Avery Brooks as Ben Sisko in Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Regardless of Avery Brooks seemingly being completed with all things Star Trek, in line with the newest intelligence (Deep Area Nine’s collection finale), Captain Benjamin Sisko might pop up just about anyplace in area/time. After he defeated Gul Dukat and the Pah-wraiths in “What You Leave Behind,” he ascended to the Celestial Temple to hitch the Prophets. In line with his farewell to Kassidy Yates, he had a lot to study from them, but he promised he can be again – “a year from now or yesterday.” It looks like a stretch to shoehorn the character in on Discovery, however contemplating their probable proximity to the wormhole a.okay.a. the Celestial Temple, and his own capacity to transcend area/time, it’s definitely potential the crew might encounter him in one type or one other.

(Any) Q

Q Who - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Given their nature as immortal and omnipotent, the Q’s presence in the 32nd century isn’t in query, a lot as is the potential of them appearing on Discovery. Initially the thought of Q was meant as a stand-in for God or any all-powerful deity favored by organized faith. It was a mirrored image of Roddenberry’s dedication to humanism as an alternative of a theocentric that Q was an all-powerful child who didn’t care something for humanity past using them as a toy for his personal amusement. Granted, his character softened significantly over the course of TNG, Deep Area Nine and Voyager, but that in and of itself solely proves that the character and self-esteem have been explored completely. Q nonetheless keep a strong presence in apocrypha, however the concept of a misanthrope nuisance who dives in to muss the hair of Starfleet and dives out once more was cornered in season 1 by Harry Mudd. There are undoubtedly Q in the 32nd century, however it feels unlikely they’d present up on Discovery. Harry Mudd however…

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Harry Mudd

Harry Mudd is a human with the lifespan to prove it, but when there’s one thing season 1 of Discovery taught us, isn’t to rely out Harcourt Fenton Mudd. He’s already proved himself adept at using time crystals to journey by means of time for nefarious functions. He’s nonetheless acquired to stick around in the 23rd century to fill out his Unique Collection commitments, however given the place he stands at the end of “I, Mudd” he may be inclined to get as distant from the Stella Droids as he probably can. Figuring out he has “people” in the 32nd century (because let’s face it, no matter what everybody agreed to, there are sure to be rumors flying round about what actually happened to Discovery and Mudd is simply the sort of man to hear them) may affect him to chase the ship down one final time. We will only hope. In any other case Rainn Wilson’s Mudd was a pricey casualty of this reset.

Zefram Cochrane

Star Trek - Zefram Cochrane

Inventor of warp drive and basic rock enthusiast Zephram Cochrane is probably best-known to many followers for his position in Star Trek: First Contact as played by James Cromwell. However the character first appeared in an Unique Collection episode titled “Metamorphosis” performed by Glenn Corbett. The story revealed Cochrane, lengthy thought lifeless, had been granted immortality by a non-corporeal being referred to as the Companion, who’d also fallen in love with Cochrane. Ultimately the entity merges with a human lady the Enterprise had been ferrying to a diplomatic mission and who also happened to be suffering from a terminal illness. While at first Cochrane hadn’t been keen on starting a romantic relationship with an alien, its new type was much more pleasing to him. Unfortunately, the entity was sure to the planet which it inhabited, so if Cochrane needed to take care of the youth and immortality the entity granted him, he’d have to remain put. The Discovery would probably need to make it again to that planet so as to meet him, but presumably he’s still out there and doubtless in the mood for guests.

The Prophets

The Prophets the Bajoran individuals worshipped as gods have been truly aliens that resided in the secure wormhole adjacent to the planet and Deep Area 9. Just like the Q and the Traveler, they exist outdoors regular area/time, making it very potential they’re nonetheless round within the 32nd century. Or have all the time been around. Or shall be round. To quote Ben Sisko, “It’s not linear.” What’s fascinating is that regardless that the Prophets are “of Bajor” and reside inside the wormhole, they will take corporeal type and journey when essential – type of. Benjamin Sisko was the product of a Prophet doing just that – his biological mother Sarah was possessed by one such Prophet who left her body after Sarah married Joe Sisko and had Ben. The Prophets have been so integral to the story of Deep Area Nine that it virtually feels misplaced for them to point out up on another collection, however with regards to pure hypothesis, they’re among the many beings eligible to be encountered by Discovery in additional seasons.

The Doctor

Star Trek - Robert Picardo as The Doctor

Star Trek: Voyager played around with time journey an excellent deal during its seven-season run, but the Physician wouldn’t need any fancy tech to satisfy up with Discovery within the 32nd century. All he would wish is acceptable knowledge storage. In “Living Witness,” a backup version of the EMH program had lain inactive for over 700 years earlier than being discovered by an alien whose planet Voyager had a comparatively minor skirmish with centuries earlier than. The program is totally intact – so much in order that he can serve as a “living witness” to historical past surrounding the nature of Voyager and her crew the planet’s historians have gotten so utterly (and deliciously) fallacious. The top of that episode establishes that he resided in the Delta Quadrant for an extra time period before heading back to the Alpha Quadrant to see what happened to Voyager. If Discovery sticks around in the Gamma Quadrant, it’s unlikely they’d meet up, but the risk is intriguing given the hologram’s nature as primarily immortal.


As evidenced by the occasions of “Time’s Arrow,” Knowledge’s lifespan, as it have been, is pretty limitless given the correct maintenance. Granted, the android we all know and love sacrificed himself on the finish of Nemesis, his “brother,” B-4 continues to be round and probably has Knowledge’s reminiscences saved somewhere in his neural internet. It’s not that huge a leap to presume what’s left of Knowledge might’ve manifested itself into a new android physique that wouldn’t be played by Brent Spiner (pretty intriguing premise for an episode in the event you ask us). And contemplating the bittersweet ending the harmless, well-meaning droid obtained, his reappearance on Discovery would make for a satisfying and nostalgic rebirth. Though it’s also value noting that Knowledge already got here back in the Star Trek novel Seize the Hearth, and as Discovery appears unafraid to tug from these stories, we might meet him after he followed that trajectory, too.

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