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Naruto: 25 Things Itachi Can Do (That Sasuke Can’t)

Naruto: 25 Things Itachi Can Do (That Sasuke Can't)

If there’s one factor that makes Naruto stand above most different shonen anime and manga it’s the collection’ unbelievable and expansive pool of characters. Whereas lots of different shonen collection are likely to crumble beneath their very own weight as they go on and introduce increasingly characters, Naruto handles it’s rising forged completely. Each time a brand new character of notice exhibits up they’ve a definite design, their character and motives are established immediately, after which they get one or two cool moments earlier than hanging round within the background as a supporting character or exiting the collection. Even characters with comparable talents and motivations are given simply sufficient distinction from each other that there isn’t an excessive amount of overlap.

These subtitle however significant character distinctions are most notable when evaluating Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha. The brothers share lots of the identical talents, affect one another’s actions, and even have comparable designs. Whereas their basic demeanors and roles within the story make them distinct from each other, their distinctive talents and powers additional set up the variations between these characters. As Sasuke is a much bigger a part of the collection, there’s quite a bit that he can do this Itachi can’t.

Nevertheless, the older brother additionally possesses fairly a number of methods that his youthful brother both doesn’t know or is unable to study. These 25 talents and feats that Itachi possess that Sasuke doesn’t, actually helps make the 2 characters really feel distinct, regardless of how a lot they share and the way a lot they affect one another.

Listed here are 25 Things Itachi Can Do (That Sasuke Can’t).

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25 The Izanami Method

Itachi is ready to use the strongest genjutsu in Naruto, because of his Mangekyō Sharingan. This system traps an individual in a endless phantasm, as long as they’re motivated by evil intentions. It’s implied that Sasuke may be capable of make the most of this system, nevertheless, he by no means makes use of it as the price of casting the jutsu is blindness within the eye that prompts the method.

Itachi makes use of this system on Kabuto over the past arc of Naruto, each as a way to cease the ninja’s assaults and as a approach to him keep in mind his forgotten childhood and discover a extra productive function in his life.

24 Water Launch Jutsu

In contrast to Sasuke, Itachi is ready to use water based mostly methods to their fullest potential. Whereas all ninja in Naruto can use all the elemental methods, solely these with an affinity for sure parts can use their full energy.

Itachi’s affinity for water component assaults let him make methods just like the Water Dragon Bullet extra highly effective than if Sasuke carried out the transfer. Itachi having a unique repertoire of methods goes a great distance in making him really feel distinct from his brother.

23 Management Crows

Whereas Sasuke can summon hawks and snakes, Itachi sticks totally with crows and steadily makes use of them in his methods and schemes. His phantasm methods repeatedly function him reworking right into a homicide of crows, he routinely controls the birds together with his Sharingan, and he even manipulates the birds postmortem.

It’s somewhat odd that he’s so closely tied to crows within the collection since his identify actually means weasel, however it’s nonetheless a cool motif for Itachi that Sasuke doesn’t possess. Though, Sasuke is edgy sufficient as is and doesn’t want to rework into crows to be cool.

22 Wind Launch Jutsu

Itachi can also be extremely proficient in wind launch methods. Nevertheless, in contrast to water factor assaults, Itachi isn’t seen utilizing extensive aspect jutsu throughout his appearances within the anime and manga. This differentiator is just introduced up in ancillary Naruto materials that lists details concerning the characters.

Even when it’s not tremendous consequential to the story, it’s a proven fact that Itachi can use the strongest model of wind-based methods whereas Sasuke can’t. Hopefully, as numerous iterations of Naruto proceed rising, followers will see Itachi use a broader vary of his talents and a few wind methods.

21 The Ephemeral Method

The Ephemeral method is a genjutsu distinctive to Itachi that’s as damaging as it’s scary. Initiated via bodily contact, this system despatched shuriken at Naruto and made him expertise half of his physique reworking into Sasuke. Because the Sasuke phantasm takes over extra of Naruto’s physique, he begins to berate Naruto and expose his insecurities.

This system is nothing in need of scary and, fortunately, Itachi is the one individual within the collection ever seen using it. Sasuke doesn’t use a ton of genjutsu over the course of Naruto, and that’s one of many largest variations between his and Itachi’s preventing fashion.

20 Graduate Early

In contrast to Sasuke, Itachi graduated from the Hidden Leaf Village’s Ninja Academy when he was seven, which is a full 5 years sooner than the standard commencement age. Each Itachi and Sasuke are extremely gifted ninja that confirmed superb promise once they have been younger, however solely Itachi had the talent and skill to turn out to be a ninja at an atypically younger age.

In fact, this enhanced means additionally led him to taking over a number of the most morally reprehensible missions in Naruto, so perhaps Sasuke didn’t miss out on all that a lot in any case.

19 Go With out An Eye Transplant

The skills tied to the Mangekyō Sharingan are a number of the strongest in all of Naruto. Nevertheless, they arrive with a worth and overusing the Mangekyō Sharingan will depart an individual utterly blind. To compensate for this drawback, Sasuke changed his eyes with Itachi which negated the lack of imaginative and prescient related to the methods. Itachi, nevertheless, by no means received an eye fixed transplant and was as an alternative capable of ration out his utilization of the Mangekyō Sharingan to stave off full blindness.

It’s a testomony to Itachi’s different expertise and skills that he was capable of go years with out overusing the Mangekyō Sharingan, whereas Sasuke wanted a transplant shortly after unlocking the ocular talents himself.

18 The Tsukuyomi Method

The Tsukuyomi is a way tied to Itachi’s Mangekyō Sharingan and is likely one of the strongest and harsh genjutsu within the collection. It locations a sufferer in a state the place seconds can drag on for hours, days, and even years. Throughout this timespan, the topic suffers intense torture that their causes incomprehensible ache.

Whereas a sufferer’s bodily physique stays unhurt, the psychological injury left by this jutsu can endure for a whole lifetime. Itachi is the one individual within the collection who possess this system, and it virtually ensures him victory each time he makes use of it.  

17 Make Big Power Shuriken

Those that possess the Mangekyō Sharingan in each units of eyes are capable of create an enormous avatar referred to as the Susanoo. Which means each Sasuke and Itachi can summon a Susanoo, nevertheless, they’ve their very own distinctive assaults related to the avatar. Itachi is uniquely capable of create big shuriken made out of chakra utilizing his Susanoo.

Often known as Yasaka Magatama, that is Itachi’s strongest long-range assault and possess a devastating quantity of energy. Whereas Sasuke is ready to use a smaller model of this system in some Naruto video games, Itachi is the one canonical consumer of this system.   

16 Seal His Assaults In Different Individuals

Whereas most characters in Naruto can seal objects and methods in scrolls, Itachi is uniquely capable of seal his methods in dwelling creatures and program when they may activate.

For example, he sealed his devastating Amaterasu method inside Sasuke’s eye, in order that it will activate as quickly as he noticed the conniving Tobi, who Itachi knew would attempt to manipulate his youthful brother. Whereas Sasuke can seal and summon issues like most ninja, he isn’t capable of conditionally activate talents as Itachi does at quite a few factors within the collection.

15 Cover A Crow In Anyone’s Abdomen

As part of a plan to cease Sasuke from attacking the Hidden Leaf Village, Itachi had a crow crawl into Naruto’s mouth and wait inside him for months. It’s not completely clear if this was an truly crow that Itachi summoned or manipulated together with his Sharingan or if this crow is made out of Itachi’s chakra, however both means, this feat is as spectacular as it’s unsettling.

Whereas Sasuke discovered methods to manipulate his personal physique to various levels from Orochimaru, he by no means does something near contorting a hen’s physique in order that it may possibly stay inside somebody’s abdomen.

14 Protect A Human Eye For Years

That crow Itachi hid in Naruto’s abdomen had the attention of his deceased pal Shisui, which held the distinctive capacity to change somebody’s character utilizing genjutsu. Nevertheless, Shisui gave his eye to Itachi which means that he was capable of protect a human eye and hold it in a functioning situation for almost a decade.

It’s unknown if Itachi stored this eye in distinctive situation solely by way of scientific means or if he was in a position to make use of his chakra to protect it, however both approach, it’s a powerful feat Sasuke doesn’t have the power to duplicate.

13 Maxed Out His Stats

Within the official Naruto Knowledge Books, Itachi is listed as having the very best general stats alongside the varied metrics used to measure ninja, with the legendary ninja Jiraiya tying his scores. Whereas Sasuke has some fairly spectacular marks himself, they fall in need of Itachi’s close to good rankings.

Though Sasuke beats his brother within the Stamina class Itachi beats him in each different class and scores a full 4 factors greater than his youthful brother throughout the eight metrics.  Even when Sasuke may be stronger than Itachi by the top of the collection, on paper Itachi reigns supreme.

12 Have The Final Protection

Itachi’s Susanoo additionally possesses the Yata Mirror, which has a number of the strongest defensives talents in your complete collection. He can change the Yata Mirror traits to negate any elemental assault and block any bodily blow. Sasuke’s Susanoo doesn’t actually have any overly defensive methods, making Itachi’s a extra versatile avatar.

Nothing pierces the Yata Mirror throughout its temporary look within the collection and it’s a disgrace that the ethereal weapon doesn’t have extra alternatives as one of many biggest defenses in Naruto, or a minimum of make a distinction in additional than a single struggle. 

11 Pull A Sword Out Of A Gourd

Itachi’s strongest technique of attacking together with his Susanoo is the Sword of Totsuka. This ethereal weapon solely seems when his Susanoo pulls it out of a guard that it holds in a secondary arm. This blade doesn’t truly injury an opponent however as an alternative seals them inside the guard the place they lose their sense of cause.

There’s actually no approach to guard towards this blade and the one method to keep away from dropping a battle immediately is to dodge the huge assault. Though Sasuke’s Susanoo does have highly effective offensive talents, it doesn’t have something almost as overpowered as this mystical weapon.

10 Move By way of Obstacles Undetected

Itachi is ready to cross by way of the invisible barrier that’s often across the Hidden Leaf Village resulting from his time within the village’s Anbu army group. This makes Itachi a particularly helpful member of the Akatsuki, because it lets him spy on his former house for the villainous group extra simply than any of the principally fight targeted ninja.

Whereas Sasuke does return to the village after turning into a rogue ninja, at this level within the story the village is in disarray and certain can’t spend the manpower to generate the standard sensory barrier.  

9 Work As A Spy

Whereas Itachi does some spy work of the Akatsuki, he’s, the truth is, a double agent and relays info to the Hidden Leaf Village throughout his whole tenure for the group. Whereas Sasuke does go off on risks solo-missions for the Village in the course of the occasions of Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations, he hasn’t ever accomplished any espionage work.

It’s additionally greater than probably that the extraordinarily idealistic and self-motivated Sasuke would not have the ability to keep undercover for the years-long span Itachi was capable of. Sasuke’s a fantastic ninja, however Itachi is a superb ninja and an amazing spy.

eight Be A Half Of The Akatsuki For Extra Than A Few Weeks

Each Itachi and Sasuke have been affiliated with the Akatsuki for some size of time. Whereas Itachi labored inside the group for almost a decade, Sasuke solely managed to ally himself with the villainous group for a number of weeks.

Granted, Sasuke actually didn’t have a lot cause to stay round with the group for very lengthy, however his membership is never-the-less shorter than his brother’s. It’s not clear if the Akatsuki had any sort of advantages package deal, but when there’s Itachi undoubtedly obtained extra out of it than Sasuke.

7 Grow to be A Chunin

Regardless of his virtually unparalleled talent as a ninja, Sasuke by no means formally advances past the extent of a Genin, which is the bottom attainable rating for a ninja. Itachi, then again, turned a Chunin when he was ten, which is sooner than when most individuals graduate from the Ninja Academy.

Itachi’s capacity to excel inside the formal techniques of the Hidden Leaf Village are second to none and, even when Sasuke had caught round longer, it’s unlikely that he might have risen by means of the ranks as shortly as his brother.  

6 Hurt His Associates And Household

Sasuke does loads of terrible issues to his associates in the course of the course of the collection. Whereas he hurts them bodily and emotionally, he by no means fairly manages to do everlasting bodily hurt to any of his associates or teammates. Itachi, nevertheless, is ready to make himself destroy his complete clan to stop an rebellion that may have destroyed the complete Hidden Leaf Village.

The guilt of this motion burdens Itachi closely, and his solely solace is figuring out that he prevented a fair higher bloodbath. Sasuke performs a variety of morally questionable act in Naruto, however not one fairly as intense as Itachi betraying his clan.

5 Keep away from Orochimaru’s Manipulations

In the course of the first and far of the second half of the collection, Orochimaru is obsessive about gaining management of the Sharingan. He indoctrinates Sasuke into his group with the promise of creating him robust sufficient to struggle Itachi, when in actuality Orochimaru simply needs to have Sasuke underneath his thumb in order that he can take management of the Uchiha’s physique.

He tried to do the identical factor years previous to Itachi, nevertheless, the older ninja was capable of see by way of Orochimaru’s actions and minimize his ties with the manipulator solely.

four Plan For His Personal Revival

Itachi is among the most considerate and future-minded characters in Naruto. That is clear when he takes steps throughout his life that lets him free himself from manipulation on the situation that he’s introduced again to life.

On the prospect he was revived and managed autopsy, he programmed the crow hidden in Naruto’s abdomen to seem upon seeing him and utilizing the highly effective eye to free himself from a summoner’s management. Sasuke isn’t given any cause to plan for such an eventuality and, even when he did have to, it’s unlikely that he might lay as difficult a plan as Itachi did.  

three Present Different Individuals His Reminiscences

When the jutsu that revived Itachi ends and he begins to return to the afterlife, he takes a second to point out Sasuke his reminiscences and ensure the various suspicions the youthful ninja had about his older brother.

It’s not clear if it’s a selected method that permits Itachi to point out Sasuke his reminiscences, or if it’s an affordance of returning to the afterlife, however it’s clear that Sasuke isn’t capable of do it. This can be a disgrace, as there are quite a few factors within the collection the place Sasuke being able would have benefited him and sped up the plot.

2 Turn out to be An Anbu Captain

Sasuke simply has the power to steer a squad of even probably the most elite ninja, however he left the Hidden Leaf Village earlier than having the prospect to. Itachi, although, shortly ascended ninja ranks and have become one of many youngest Anbu captains within the historical past of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Even when Sasuke is greater than certified for the place in the course of the occasions of Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations, his earlier departure from the ninja group prevents him from holding such a excessive and formal position. Being a little bit of an extended, he in all probability would not need the place anyway.

1 Be A Persistently Loyal Ninja

Itachi by no means wavers in his loyalty to the Hidden Leaf Village and serves his residence for principally his whole life. Sasuke, however, waffles between alliances for many of his teenage years. Typically he needs to battle for the village, different occasions he needs to destroy it, and for some time, he needed to steer the ninja group.

The circumstances of Itachi’s life modified simply as a lot as Sasuke’s, nevertheless, the older ninja all the time remained loyal and true to his beliefs and residential, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances.

What do you consider Itachi’s talents in Naruto? Tell us within the feedback!

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