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[Interviews] The Real Face of Creators Vol. 2: Kazari-Adding Color to Otaku, Art School, Self-Defense Force and Life | Japanese kawaii idol music culture news


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The Real Face of Creators Vol. 2: Kazari-Adding Color to Otaku, Art School, Self-Defense Force and Life

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That was Kazari, a cosplayer famous for her weapons-carrying sparked an “armed JK (school girl)”. With so many various faces to her, we have been compelled to approve this intriguing individual.
A former school graduate and a former self-defense officer. As a cosplayer, the woman within the uniform can also be a fireman of the armed JK with a weapon. I used to be shut to the half-life who she is who has such a spread of faces.

I really like women preventing with weapons works!
I just like the work of women preventing with weapons!

Although I liked Weekly Bounce works too, my favourite have been works that featured women preventing with weapons like “Ghost in the Shell”, “Black Lagoon” and “Kazari: From young I always loved manga and anime, and drawing was my hobby. Gunslinger Girl ”. Quite than the weapons themselves, what I really like is the contrast contrasts the ephemeral females and the weapons they carry in fight. It's a niche“ Moe ”.
KAGARI: I’ve favored manga and animation since I was a toddler, and I have a pastime of drawing illustrations. I also favored the leap system, but I appreciated the works that the women have weapons, such because the Ghost Shell, Black Lagoon, and Guns Ringer Woman. I favored the unbalance that a skinny and bald woman fights with a weapon fairly than a weapon itself. It's a so-called gap.

This may be sudden, however at first I typically cosplayed male costumes. Two of the characters I cosplayed probably the most have been Seiichi Yukimura and Hikaru Zaizen I highschool I turned obsessed with “MUSICAL THE PRINCE OF TENNIS” and began to get into cosplay. I used to be dwelling in Mie Prefecture, so I might all the time go to Nagoya to take part in occasions.
Once I was a highschool scholar, I turned addicted to Tenimu (the musical of the Prince of Tennis) and started to do cosplay. It might be shocking, however at first it was typically dressed as a male. The characters that I typically cosplayed are “Yukimura Seichi” and “Kaimaemitsu”. Since I was from Mie, I used to attend events in Nagoya at that time.

Arising to Tokyo to be a designer!
Purpose for a designer and go to Tokyo!

After learning, I went up to Tokyo to be a designer and enrolled in Nihon University School of Art's design schools. I skilled many issues after getting into school, however even it was Comiket that made the most important impression on me.
So many individuals shared what I beloved. It was something I liked. It was one thing skilled I used to be never skilled earlier than. At the similar time my pictures have been being shared around Once I wore my favorite mock army uniform at Comoket, I was stunned at how a lot attention in obtained on-line. the Internet … the sharing of info was so fascinating to me.
I like painting and design, and high school was also a design department. After graduating from highschool, I moved to Tokyo to turn into a designer and entered the design department at Nihon University School of Art. After getting into college, I had numerous experiences, however collaborating in Comiket was a surprising occasion.
Once I cosplayed costumes designed to imitate army uniforms that I appreciated at Comiket, I used to be stunned that there was an enormous response on the Web. Many people share my favorite issues. It was an unprecedented experience. On the similar time my photographs are being spread … I felt the enjoyable of spreading info.

I needed to be the identical as everybody round me, or relatively I needed to do one thing totally different. Through the time I read the magazines “KERA” and “Gothic & Lolita Bible”. I used to be also influenced by works like “Rozen Maiden”, “D.Gray-man” and “Touhou Project”.
By the best way, middle and highschool, the college was addicted to Lolita trend. I needed to do one thing that was not the same as the surroundings, perhaps totally different from individuals. At that time I read KERA and Goth Lol Bible. I feel that there was additionally the influence of Rozen Maiden, D.Gray-man, Touhou Challenge of the work that I favored.

Fateful Encounter with the Self-Defense Force
Fate encounter with the Self-Defense Forces

At some point I just occurred to have the prospect to visit the JSDF garrison, and there it hooked my interest. They hold a pageant at the garrison where their training drills To be trustworthy, I have little interest in the self-defense. and military automobiles are exhibited, and you possibly can pay attention to talks by the army officials.
To be trustworthy, I used to be not interested in the Self Protection Force at all until I turned a university scholar. Once I was a university scholar, I occurred to have a chance to go to the SDF campsite, and it was very fascinating if I went there. At the Garrison Website Pageant where the garrison website is released, you’ll be able to see coaching shows and car displays, and pay attention to the tales of the SDF officers.

I’ve gone to the garrison extra typically. Once more, greater than the weapons themselves, it was the type and simple character of the officers that drew me.
Self-defense officers also took an interest in the Self-Defense Force whereas listening to the story in a friendly manner. Then I went to the station many occasions. Somewhat, I used to be attracted to the type and straight appearance of the Self-Defense Forces who did not like weapons.

I needed to be. My grandfather had additionally been in the Self-Defense Force, and after speaking to him about it my conviction to be a part of the Force grew greater. Quite than using the weapons I needed to use my design expertise in the Force's public relations. referred to as a public relation officer, and of course to do this I had to enter the Force first.
Because my grandfather was a self-defense officer, I began to pay attention to the story of the Self-Defense Forces from my grandfather, and I turned more motivated to be a part of the squad. Quite than wanting to use weapons, I came to need to use the designs I discovered within the SDF public relations job. I needed to be a self-defense officer who is claimed to be a “public relations officer,” however of course I’ve to be a part of the company, so I will attempt to be a part of it first.

Individuals round me have been stunned as a result of I used to be the primary design scholar they knew to enter the Force (laughs).
My want to do something totally different had been an inexpensive factor in any case.
As it was the primary enlistment from the design department, I was fairly stunned around (laughs).
In any case I feel that there was not slightly feeling that I needed to do one thing totally different from the environment.

However I persuaded them, I needed to enter the Force after coming all the best way right here to research design. But I persuaded them, telling them there was nothing I needed except to be a part of the Force. in (laughs).
Now they're the ones who're so into the Self-Defense Force (laughs).
My grandfather was actually glad.
At first my mother and father have been fairly opposed. Why did you go to Tokyo and go to Bidai? When. However that's all I would like to do now, I simply want to be a self-defense officer! I persuaded. In the long run it broke (laughs).
I feel it's a very understanding mum or dad. Now my mother and father are addicted to the SDF (laughs).
My grandfather was very happy.

The Self-Defense Force is a energetic women' faculty !?
The Self-Defense Force is a energetic women' faculty! ?


Contrary to fashionable belief, the Self-Defense Force doesn’t fit within the fitness check through the Japan Self-Defense Force with a hard and fast term, the place I did an exam, an interview and an bodily check-up. examination. Regardless of how dangerous you’re with exercise, you possibly can enhance your bodily power by way of the coaching curriculum once you enter the Force.
By the best way, out of the 220,000 individuals in the Self-Defense Force, females make up 6% of the number at 16,000.
It’s the time period self-defense self-defense officer of the Ground Self Protection Force that took the examination. The exams have been topic exams, interviews, and bodily measurements. It is typically stated that the Self-Defense Force does not have a physical health check in the course of the exam. Regardless of how weak you’re in exercise, there is a curriculum that improves your power after coaching.
By the best way, the Self-Defense Force has about 220,000 individuals, however the feminine quantity is 16,000, about 6%.

The first three months have been full of drills and lectures, and every day glided by shortly. I have typically been by chased by time. My colleagues have been individuals of all ages and personalities; My impression of it was that it was being like being at a noisy women' faculty. People who are a Jock and individuals who stayed staying indoors and there were additionally houseswives.
You may be in group life if you be a part of the company. For the first three months, the schedule was tight with training and lectures, and it was early for in the future to cross. Anyway, I was typically chased by time. There were individuals of numerous ages and characters, and there were sportsmen, indoors and housewives. I acquired an impression like a energetic women' faculty personally.

I would really like to proceed longer, however I suffered an enormous damage. To develop into the public relations officer I'd all the time purpose to be I had to cross the advancement exam and rise It was an actual shame, however I hoped I might be a day I was involved with public relations within the Force.
The SDF has been retired in two years. I really needed to continue extra, but I had a critical damage. So as to turn into a target spokesman, I’ve to cross the promotion examination and I’ve to go up in school, however I cannot settle for this physique. It was very disappointing, however I all the time thought it might be nice if I could possibly be concerned in PR actions of the SDF.

You’ll be able to't achieve a dream without saying you need to obtain it
A dream cannot come true until I say that I would like to do it

As soon as the chief of the Kokubunji Recruitment Workplace is out, for my help in some PR work, and this I turned their help ambassador. After that I have a mannequin for his or her recruitment posters and work as a one-day garrison commander.
Self-Defense Force, being welcomed by the PR group, and having my goals come full circle made me understand how mysterious destiny could be.
After retiring I had expressed my want to hold working in public relations on social media, and it was a coincidence that the Kokubunji chief had come throughout that. With that have, I noticed the importance of expressing your want to do one thing ' t obtain a dream with out saying you need to achieve it.
At one time, the director of the Kokubunji Recruitment Info Middle requested for those who might lend me your power to the Self-Defense Force PR, and I used to be appointed a help ambassador to the Kokubunji Recruitment Info Middle. After that, I labored as a poster mannequin for the recruitment of self-defense officers, and on a 1-day garrison command.
After leaving the Self Protection Force, I was in a position to do a public relations job … Everyone of Kokubunji spoke to me as a member of a public relations officer, and I felt that my dream came true and there was a mysterious edge Sure.
Even after leaving, I would like to do public relations activities endlessly! And stated on SNS. The director of Kokubunji, who occurred to see it, referred to as me out. From such experience, I would like to do slightly than conceal what I would like to do in myself! It’s important to ship out. I assumed that my goals wouldn’t come true until I stated one thing I needed to do.


After I acquired many work alternatives that I'm grateful for. I was in a position to make use of my experiences and study to work independently. Now as a expertise who was a former self-defense Force official, I get observed for my work involving magazine covers and women with arms.
Since then, I’ve had extra opportunities to do so much of work, thankfully. I might use my expertise up to now, and I assumed it will be better to work alone. Now, as a talent of the former self-defense officer, the duvet of army magazines, and so forth. are sometimes observed within the work of the mixture of a gun and a woman.

My “armed JK” cosplay went out on social media. I discovered that once I expressed as I during a time, I wore a Camouflage-patterned costume at Comiket and carried a reproduction of the Sort 89 Assault Rifle I'd used during my army days. my body with my favourite issues, I acquired many alternatives for work.
At the moment, sporting a cosplay costume with a camouflage sample in Comiket, with a reproduction of the “89-type rifle” that was truly used through the Self-Defense Forces, when you cosplayed “Armed JK”, it was disseminated in SNS. While expressing my favourite issues in my own physique, I noticed that I had many alternatives to make a voice out of my work.

The Ground Self-Defense Force Had Changed Your Uniforms, So I Was The First Individual Outdoors the Army to Put on the New Purple Uniforms and It My mother and father and pals from my hometown are all the time pleased for my actions … it's fascinating how info spreads lately.
The most up-to-date event is the truth that he has grow to be the 1-day garrison commander of Kodaira garrison! The Floor Self-Defense Force uniform was modified to a new uniform, and it was stated, “It is the first time anyone who wears a purple uniform that is a new uniform is a self-defense officer.” My mother and father and my native buddies have been delighted to see them doing nicely … I assumed it was fascinating to unfold info.


Introducing Kazari ’s cosplay!
We introduce cosplay work of Kazari!

Armed JK
Armed JK


My weapon-wielding pose was well-received. I wore this once I needed to Comiket for the first time after quitting the Self-Defense Force.
It’s a cosplay once I went to Comiket for the first time after leaving the SDF. The figure holding a gun was widespread.

Armed Maid (Broken model)
Armed maid (injury ver)


It was a yr after the Armed JK cosplay. It was a tattered costume with a dog tag and great story potential.
One yr after armed JK. It was a battered costume with a dog tag (identification vote) to give it a narrative.

Eru Hoshino (DRAGON PILOT: Hisone and Masotan)
Hoshino Eiso (Hisune and Masotan)


It's a feminine officer from a work I really like. As a female officer myself, I was attracted to her who’s aggressive, straight ahead character and needed to cosplay her. I even reduce my hair to additional categorical those emotions.
Female Self-Defenseant character of favourite work. As the identical feminine self-defense officer, I used to be attracted to her as she hated and straight and I needed to do her cosplay and was empathic enough to reduce her hair.

The roots of “Kazari”
What is the root of “Kazari”?

Once I'm cosplaying or working I'm generally known as Kazari and not my actual identify. It's not that I'm disguising myself. The me who’s Kazari and the me with my actual identify are the Alcatel cosplay is about appearing as your favourite characters, for me it's about appearing out my very own character “Kazari”.
Cosplay is one of my favorite issues. When cosplaying or doing work, it’s a “Kazari”, not “I'm your real name”. It isn’t a pretend. I who’s “Kazari” can also be the same as me who’s “the real name of myself.” I feel cosplay is to play a favourite character, but within the case of me there is a character referred to as “Kazari” and it is an image that performs it.

Within the novel there are two characters named Kazari and Yoko, and I was attracted to the unhappy character of Kazari. When a good friend asked I needed my deal with My identify comes from a novel I learn in highschool, “ZOO” by Otsuichi. identify to be Kazari or Yoko, I select Kazari.
The origin of the identify “Kazari” is from a novel referred to as “ZOO” by Mr. Tatsuichi, who was reading once I was in high school. Two characters, Kazari and Yoko, seem in the novel, but this character, Kazari, was attracted by a tragic man.
When requested if a pal's handle identify was Kazari or Yoko, which was better, Kazari turned “Kanari”.

A creator who designs myself
Creator who designs himself

I collect the issues I really like and convey I really like and convey them via kazari. You might say I design the image of myself. Somewhat than putting in one thing onto myself, I “Kazari” I play doesn’t have any specific traits. In that sense, maybe I'm extra a creator than I’m a cosplayer.
The “Kazari” played by me shouldn’t be a specific setting. I do it in a natural method.
Gathering your favorite things, your favourite things and issues of interest shall be embodied (in a method). Is it an image of designing your self? It's virtually like doing an installation with the physique or making issues. In that sense it might be a creator relatively than a cosplayer.

I really like unbalance. There’s “Moe”. When you ask me if I would like to be a army idol, then the answer is not any. I merely want to embody that gap I like between we women and hope I can exude that fleetingness. That's why I don't notably want to be the highest in any particular genre. I like people who feel the same approach.
It isn’t so when you’re requested if you’d like to be a army idol. I would like to embody my favorite hole moe (gun and woman) by myself. I are not looking for to put out a bribe. I like one thing unbalanced. There’s a scare. I feel people who agree with it are getting better. So I are not looking for to take the top in a specific genre.

As for current works, I beloved works reminiscent of “Ghost in the Shell”, “Black Lagoon”, “Jormungand”, “Gunslinger Girl”, “Touhou Project”, “Dorohedoro”, “Phoenix” and “Black Jack”. 'm into “DRAGON PILOT: Hisone to Masaton” which is concerning the Air Self-Defense Force.
I appreciated the works of the Assassination Command, Black Lagoon, Jormungand, Gunslinger Woman, Touhou Challenge, Doro Hedo, Hearth Birds, and Black Jack. Lately, I used to be addicted to the “Hisune and Masotan” with the theme of the Air Self Defense Force.

Once I watch a works I take pleasure in analyzing and imagining it. I imagine a character and their perspective. One collection that’s complicated in that scope is Ghost within the Shell. Regardless of how many occasions I learn the manga, regardless of how many occasions I How do the individuals in this collection stay? I’m wondering if we're going to end up like this within the close to future. To me, Ghost in the Shell acts like an archive for the imagination. It's like a dictionary for the imagination.
I like to take a look at works and to assume and delusion. It delusions concerning the character and the world view. There is a lot of room for that is the Assault riot police. Regardless of what number of occasions you learn it, you can’t perceive all the things even should you take a look at the animation many occasions. How do the nations and people on this world stay? Within the near future, perhaps it is going to grow to be a future like a riot police corps. I feel personally that the Assassination riot police is an archive for delusion. It seems like a dictionary to imagine.

Making “Kazari”
How to make “Kazari”

From the start I both take out my favorite things, or I make an inventory of the issues I would like to do. From there I contemplate what I’m in a position to do.
First say one thing you want to do or record what you want to do. I’ll think about what I can do from that.

I wrote: I wrote: woman, brief hair, weapons, uniform … I wrote all that down and ultimately arrived at my Armed JK cosplay. The precise creation takes its similar lengthy course of.
For example, women, brief hair, guns, uniforms … write out, and arrived is armed JK. I do the work making within the utterly similar process.


It's like an oil painting, the place the colors are layered on one after one other.
I never need to cease creating. In the different phrases, I'm wanting to stop, I'm stacking up the issues I like and changing the colors as I’m going along. I'm curious to see what shade my life might be on the final day. Sooner or later I would like to develop into an previous grandmother who creates and expresses herself. To me, cosplaying and drawing don't have an enormous difference.
It seems like an oil painting as a way. It’s a picture that appears to pile up paint. Somewhat than collage, I feel that the color modifications as I pile up the paint that I like. I’m wanting ahead to what shade it’s on the final day of my life. I are not looking for to stop making it. In different phrases, I consider that dwelling is an expression. I would like to be a grandma who will make and categorical something ceaselessly sooner or later. So I feel like I’ve no huge difference in cosplaying or drawing.

I've only doing what I appreciated in life until now, and I don't intend to do what I might not take pleasure in.
I all the time want to hold my pace. I only did what I really like in my life, and I attempt not to drive something I don't like to do.

What ’s the standard Kazari like?
What’s your every day life?


I often sleeping (laughs).
Once I'm awake I'm in the shower and imagining concepts for the subsequent work or challenge, and then I window store online. Just lately I haven't been getting sufficient exercise so I've been taking walks. about what I can create in my next challenge.
I often … sleep quite a bit (laughs).
When waking up, I take a shower and delusionally draw concepts (for works and upcoming tasks), do web window purchasing, and just lately take a walk as a result of I'm operating brief. Chances are you’ll typically assume of what to make subsequent, akin to painting, cosplay and design.

I like to recommend Marco Polo. It was a sweet flowery perfume and is delicious once you add honey in. I steam it correctly. I'm sensitive to fragrances, and love good fragrances (laughs).
Lately I’m addicted to making tea. I might advocate Marco Polo tea. It smells like a sweet flower, and it is delicious to put in honey and drink it. I'm going to steam up correctly. I'm delicate to smells and I like things that odor good (laughs).

I might walk behind a good-smelling senpai and sneakers, and ask what material softener they have been using (laughs). The army has an image of being coated with mud, however many people use material softener on their uniforms.
It's like a pervert (laughs).
I feel the SDF has a muddy picture, however the truth is there are lots of people who make camouflage garments a very good scent with softeners. I walked behind my fragrant senior, sniffed it off, and requested what softener I used (laughs).
It just feels like a metamorphosis if only this (laughs).

I would like to hold an exhibition!
I would like to do an exhibition too!

I've been saying this since earlier than I joined the Self-Defense drive, but my dream is to be on the Force's publicity “MAMOR”.
In fact, I also need to draw. And I would like to hold an exhibition, where I can show my very own drawings, photographs of me cosplaying as my own characters.
I would like to do TV, radio, appearing and talent activities. I've been saying earlier than joining the Self-Defense Forces, however it’s my dream to be listed on the Self-Defense Force public relations magazine “MAMOR (Mamoru)”! In fact I also need to do drawing things. And I would like to do an exhibition. So I would really like to take footage with the picture I wrote and with the character I cosplayed.

Be it cosplay or art or the army, they're all half of me. That's what I would like to embody myself.
Because cosplay, artwork and the Self-Defense Force are all half of me. I would like to embody it myself.

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