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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Review: Perfect Dark(ness)

In Shadowbringers, fans will discover a blend between every thing that makes Final Fantasy XIV sensible already with some deft strokes of narrative and gameplay innovation that solidify it as one of the best MMORPG available on the market as we speak.

While Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers continues to be ostensibly about saving the world – simply not yours – it also hits much nearer to house than the normal MMORPG enlargement sometimes goals for. That’s true of other genre stalwarts and Final Fantasy XIV itself, which has typically requested gamers to interrogate huge ideologies that involve complete nations as the essential fixture of latest content material. In Stormblood, it was colonization and the politics behind it, and in Heavensward, corruption and faith have been the name of the game. All of those ideas are at play in Shadowbringers, too, however they’re extra intently related to a personal story of progress, tragedy, and relationships – the latter of which shine brighter than your complete light-infused area of Norvrandt, by the time the story involves an in depth.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is the third enlargement for the franchise, and it’s something of a turning point. Square Enix’s unimaginable and admittedly unbelievable resuscitation of a recreation that launched as one of the worst major MMORPG makes an attempt of all-time is already well-known, however it’s time we move previous that. Final Fantasy XIV is, like a number of the more cynical characters would remind you within the new enlargement, not in want of being saved. In contrast to Norvrandt, though, that’s because it’s already been rescued. Now, the 16 million subscriber title has to grapple with a brand new challenge – the spotlight and the expectations that include being recognized as an already nice recreation. Fortunately, in Shadowbringers, followers will find a blend between every part that makes Final Fantasy XIV sensible already with some deft strokes of narrative and gameplay innovation that solidify it as the perfect MMORPG available on the market at present.

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Players will reprise their position because the Warrior of Mild as they’re hurtled into the brand new region – and world – of Norvrandt, a spot that initially glance is perhaps thought-about paradise for followers of Hydaelyn, the Goddess of Mild. Yet beneath the endless daylight of Norvrandt lurks the sinister information that each one shouldn’t be properly, and hasn’t been for a very long time. This is among the first and most compelling narrative beats in Shadowbringers, setting the tone for all that’s to return. The Warrior of Mild gained, in this world, throughout time and area and principally removed from the Source. The darkish was pushed back and consequently, an apocalypse of divinity ravaged the land, upending all however the tiniest slivers of civilization that now must battle for their survival towards “holy” beings referred to as sin-eaters.

So, yeah. Religion, corruption, and right and fallacious remain central to the plot of Shadowbringers. The change is that the story develops around a tight-knit group of associates and allies who all grow and develop their very own personal narratives all through the tale. At occasions, Shadowbringers feels much less like an MMORPG and more like a brand new single-player entry within the Final Fantasy franchise. Returning characters anchor the formidable story and lend it the emotion that may draw players in, while new additions have a depth that extends properly beyond average execution. Emet-Selch, particularly, is among the best-written characters we’ve seen in fairly some time, however it’s not an award he wins easily – there are numerous in Shadowbringers alone, previous and new, that contend for that title with every revelation. It will be properly value it to play Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers for the story alone, a top quality that would turn out to be one thing of a practice in Final Fantasy XIV after Heavensward and Stormblood possessed equally engrossing journeys.

Shadowbringers does extra than simply spin a fantastic yarn, though. The addition of Gunbreakers and Dancers adds new depth to the franchise though, admittedly, wouldn’t it have killed Sq. Enix to finally embrace one other healer class? It’s one of the very few complaints we’ve concerning the enlargement – queues take ages as the game at present faces a scarcity of those prepared to lend parties crumbs of Remedy, and that’s partially as a consequence of the fact that it’s been almost four years since we last acquired a new healer position. Lack of selection for that position notwithstanding, though, the brand new jobs are intelligently designed and improve the depth for tank and damage-dealing roles properly.

If there’s a winner between the 2 within the early days of Shadowbringers, though, it’s the Gunbreaker. The job is best-suited for an off-tank position, as it tends to deal injury that surpasses traditional tanking expectations however can also be a bit of harder to maintain alive. There’s additionally an fascinating pressure between Superbolide, which drops a Gunbreaker’s well being to 1 whereas preventing incoming injury, and a healer needing to know if an emergency heal is required or if they will wait it out and just steadily convey the tank back up. It provides a dynamic to dungeons and trials that’s fascinating to observe, even if, as soon as again, it feels a bit of unfair that tanks received a completely new toy whereas healers acquired one thing new to maintain monitor of throughout already frenetic combat.

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Sin Eaters

The Dancer, then again, will probably need a bit of tweaking, though it’s nonetheless an fascinating and enjoyable job as it stands now. Late recreation, nevertheless, it’s damage-dealing leaves players wanting, and single-target buffs will take some getting used to now that Bards have had their party-wide arsenal removed. When the Dancer is given time to determine their routine and start transitioning by way of the rhythmic execution of their rotations, nevertheless, the class is something to behold, visually and statistically. Because it stands now, with prolonged fights a staple of the end-game content in design, it seems Square Enix remains dedicated to letting the job have an opportunity to breathe. In earlier dungeons, though, the Dancer doesn’t actually get a chance to get going, not essentially in injury however relatively in design. That can clearly hamper a participant’s fun with it, and it’s something that may retroactively have to be addressed, although it’s hardly a concern with all the shiny new content material that Shadowbringers introduces to the fold.

The addition of Viera and Hrothgar as races has also effectively taken over Final Fantasy XIV, as it’s onerous to walk various steps with out tripping over a bunny lady. The Hrothgar have been surprisingly widespread too, nevertheless, and both races have helped improve the range of aesthetics and social gathering appearance in-game, something that’s all the time welcome. The Viera’s settlement can also be a pleasant standout in the story, a zone that will get breezed via in the course of the Fundamental State of affairs Quest and is well-worth a player’s time to retread once all is claimed and finished.

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Amaro Ride

One of the crucial essential additions when it comes to accessibility involves Shadowbringers in the type of the Belief system. It lets gamers select a full celebration of NPCs – importantly, the ones they’ve come to care deeply about over the course of previous expansions and Shadowbringers particularly – and deal with story dungeons with them. For DPS jobs, this can be a godsend, as prolonged queues have long been the strike towards embracing that position, particularly in between expansions when queue occasions start to get somewhat longer. It’s also a boon for players who don’t benefit from the firm of strangers, or who have grown sick of people executing mechanics poorly during dungeons. From what we will tell, the Belief system brings NPCs which are all the time competent and gained’t wipe until the participant themselves does something flawed. It’d take just a little longer – the objective of the Belief system is to not supply the right get together, which might get rid of the necessity to queue with real individuals altogether – however it’s the type of addition that solely strengthens the general Final Fantasy XIV offering. We examined the Belief system in the first and last dungeon it was provided in Shadowbringers, and each occasions it felt clean, straightforward, and truly a superb option to study mechanics yourself if required. The NPCs will show gamers the best way to keep away from assaults or where to face, which can be a helpful learning device for many who need to celebration with others but don’t need to be a burden initially.

The dungeons themselves are a spotlight of the enlargement and one other continuation of the chic design that Stormblood was so well-known for. Shadowbringers dungeons – particularly, its trials – are flat-out exciting. Every one options mechanics that may maintain participant co-ordination on the forefront, but with cautious execution may be surmounted with relative ease. It’s a superb mix, saving the hair-pulling and keyboard-throwing for onerous modes only. The perfect a part of the dungeons may simply be their soundtrack, though, which is best than it has ever been. Music in Final Fantasy XIV is all the time a power, however the composition in Shadowbringers is fascinating. It’s the type of soundtrack that many who expertise it’s going to hunt down and play during downtime in their own private lives, and that’s a high compliment for a online game OST.

FF14 Shadowbringers Argument

If there’s a grievance to be had with Shadowbringers, it’s the same one that plagues each MMORPG – stability wants addressing, no less than to some extent. There are nonetheless jobs that feel far and away superior to others, though that gap has shrunk considerably because the early days. There are also minor hiccups when it comes to the pacing on the end of the Foremost State of affairs Quests – together with a puzzling degree requirement gate that feels prefer it’s carried out backwards.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is the most effective MMORPG enlargement in current reminiscence – perhaps of all-time. Its exceptionally few warts are the type that might be eliminated with a couple of patches of tweaking, and what’s left is pores and skin so unblemished it rivals the sheen of a crystal.  Shadowbringers tells the perfect story that Final Fantasy XIV has ever advised, sets up an equally intriguing story to comply with after, and does it while introducing us to a few of the most awe-inspiring environments and battles we’ve ever seen within the style. If there was nonetheless a debate, let it finish now. Final Fantasy XIV is the game for MMORPG lovers and newcomers alike, and Shadowbringers is the enlargement that proves it.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is out there now for PC and PlayStation 4. A digital copy of the enlargement on PC was offered to Display Rant for the needs of this evaluate.

Our Score:

5 out of 5 (Masterpiece)

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