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[Article] Rina Ikoma ’s Graduation Live: Opening Doors to the Future Beyond Nogizaka 46 | Japanese kawaii idol music culture news


Nogizaka 46 ・ Rika Ikoma graduation performance, “the door of the future” which stored opening and the point ahead

Rina Ikoma ’s Graduation Live: Opening Doors to the Future Beyond Nogizaka 46

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Rina Ikoma, who has served as Nogizaka 46's middle from their debut up until their fifth single, graduated from the group on April 22, 2018 at Nippon Budokan.

Rika Ikoma, who labored at the Nogizaka 46 and debuted at the middle till the fifth single, performed a commencement efficiency from the group at Nippon Budokan on April 22, 2018.

Affectionately referred to as “Ikoma-chan” by everybody, the idol got here to develop into a logo of Nogizaka 46. As if to prove her immense reputation, the probability of profitable the ticket for this reside was out of thirty, or close to 3%, and stay screenings of the live performance in 128 theaters throughout the country bought out. The 60,000 fortunate followers who managed to win the ticket lottery come down the event to watch over Ikoma's commencement.

She is liked by everybody as “Ikoma chan” and “Ikoma chan” and is now a “symbol” and “a natural presence” for Nogizaka 46. To represent the reputation of Nogizaka 46 nationwide, the stay tickets for today have been 30 occasions the profitable price, and all reside viewings at 128 film theaters nationwide have been additionally bought. The 60,000 followers fortunate enough to win the ticket watched her commencement.


Her cool expression and pose have been firmly printed both on the concert T-shirt and in the audience's minds. The lyrics “Even thought the door to the The graduation concert was a look back to the world of the “door to the future” that Ikoma stored opening.

Talking of Ikoma Rina middle songs, there are numerous fans of “mannequins in uniforms”. The cool pose is particularly putting, as it’s printed on the T-shirt of this commencement performance goods. As well as, the lyrics of the D-melon part “” The door of the future “are there … I'm going to be reborn” is a phrase that’s notably robust for each of the early members of Nogizaka 46. In the commencement performance, every half was configured to look back on the world forward of the “future door” where Ikoma stored opening.


The commencement live performance started with Nogizaka 46's theme track “Nogizaka no Uta”, which is often the track that’s carried out at the finish of the concert. In her honor, the followers had arrived with penlights in her picture colors purple and blue prepared to give her their eyes for help. There began a stage only for Rina Ikoma.

Originally, at the Nogizaka 46 concert, the door of the commencement efficiency was opened with the theme music of the group, “The Poetry of Nogizaka,” to be proven final. The members aside from Ikoku lined up on the good and the dangerous, respectively, and the intro half was sung with a cappella, and the Ikoma who appeared at the middle had penlights in each palms and raised the robust crossed arms in the sky. Fans additionally cheer for this present day in the purple and blue penlight colours that image the raw piece. From right here, the stage only for Rika Ikoma has begun.


Rina kicked it off with a warfare cry, beginning together with her famed middle songs “Oide Shampoo” and “Taiyou Knock”. She charged on into her solo track “Mizutama Moyou”, which she first sung Singing the troublesome melody and high notes, Ikoma proven the tenacity of her performance and her true self that had not modified since six years ago. After the track ended, she wryly commented in the MC with a dry chuckle Nevertheless it was this awkward aspect that had endeared followers to her. It was this sheer willpower of hers that had: “I was behind the curtains right up till the last minute, but in the end I still couldn't get it right.” Wrenched open each door to this level.

The only track “Ide Shampoo” and “The Sun Knock”, which Ikoma served as the middle, started with Ikoma's “Nippon Budokan! Go!” Then, in the early stage of the stay, he exhibited the solo music “polka dot pattern”. This music is a solo track that Ikoma acquired for the first time when she was 16 years previous. The looks of singing troublesome melodies and high-tone elements was the true essence of Rika Ikoma who was as arduous as he did at the time of his debut. In the MC after singing, “I used to practice until the last minute, but I did not get better after all-” Ikuka who was bitterly laughing. Nevertheless, there isn’t any doubt that her clumsy has earned the sympathy of the fans. With the exhausting work of the piece, he has opened many doors until now.


The third era members then carried out a brand new music adopted by the second era, before the first era members took the stage to sing “Against” for the first time with the solo time, throughout the solo, throughout the dance, she overwhelmed the followers with the intimacyly The live performance continued with a efficiency of Ikoma's graduation single “Synchronicity” —behind Mai Shiraishi, Erika Ikuta and Nanase Nishino who's stood as middle, Ikoma thought-about to refill the leadership Own lyrics on this track appeared to mirror the evolution of Nogizaka 46 from when Ikoma stood as the middle with hunched shoulders to the current where Mizuma and Shiori Kubo, and graduated members in the background Nogizaka 46.

After displaying new songs in the third semester to sing Ikoma, after which just for the second semester, the first member solely showed the music “Against” through which Ikoma plays the last middle position. In solo dance, the cool magnificence that Ikoma found after joining Nogizaka was overwhelmed even with this expressive power, and he overwhelmed the fan. In “Synchronicity”, which shall be the Ikoma graduation single that followed, she continued to show her presence as the second-row middle behind the Shiraishi Mai of the middle, Erika Ikuta, and Nanase Nishino. The lyrics of this music are as if I used to be acutely aware of the modifications and evolution from Nogizaka 46 of the Ikoma Rina Middle, which had been walking round the again at the starting of the enrollment, and the first choice of the third semester Mishita Yamashita, Kubo Fumiori and The music of Nogizaka 46 seems to have turn into a commencement single of Ikoma, because it has to be expected to anticipate again the “resonance” of the group including the members who graduated.


Ikoma was often known as the sole member of Nogizaka 46 who had experienced a concurring position in AKB 48. At that time, the middle of an unknown group managed to overcome the subsequent door was opened with a message from former AKB 48 member. Thanks to her, many individuals got here to know Nogizaka 46. It may be stated that the cornerstone of Nogizaka 46 was cemented with the AKB 48 music “Shonichi”, which was sung by the third era members “A group number sung with Mayu Watanabe, was performed with fellow Akita-born member Ayane Suzuki. It followed with“ Kokoro no Placard ”by Ikoma and the second era members including Hinako of the group on their shoulders. Kitano who had been on a break. Throughout “Temo Demo no Namida” Ikoma took over Mayu Watanabe's position, turning it into part of her own. Watanabe reportedly rushed over to Nippon Budokan after finishing her s tage play rehearsal that day. In any case, it was an important day of wanting again on Ikoma's historical past as an idol.

The subsequent door opened after the message of former AKB 48 member Mayu Watanabe. Ikoma skilled just one member of Nogizaka 46, concurrently serving as AKB 48. Ikoma gained 14th place in the basic election in 2014, regardless of many critiques at the basic group's participation in the unknown group at the time, with numerous heartwarming criticism. Lots of her followers are the first to know the existence of Nogizaka 46 in her activities. On this reside half that displays the existence that has really constructed the basis of Nogizaka 46, the AKB 48 music “First Day” was a unit track with the future with the future, unit music with Mayu Watanabe “Tears of Evenness”, The identical track from Akita Prefecture, Suzuki Akone, and the single music “My heart placard” sung by Ikoma as a member of AKB 48, Hinoko Kitano, who was taking a rest, also participated and continued to show three songs with all the members of the second semester. In “Memo no tears,” Ikoma's manufacturing was that Ikoma took over the place of Mayu Watanabe, replacing the unique place. Mayu Watanabe is claimed to have rushed to the Nippon Budokan after finishing his stage apply on this stay day. It was a particular time just for this present day wanting again on the history of Rika Ikoma.


The middle positions for this track have been taken by Erika Ikuta, Rina Ikoma and Minami Hoshino, whom the fans collectively referred to as “Ikuihoshi”. now at 21, 22 and 20, the three members performed “Koko Janai Dokoka” “Mangetsu ga Kieta”. Rising musical heroine Erika Ikuta, Minami Hoshino who had simply released her first photograph ebook, and of the programs Rina Ikoma. The three of them had not had many opportunities to carry out collectively until now, however the beloved trio needed to end one last stage together at the very finish. and “Mukuchi na Lion”. On a aspect observe, the Ikuihoshi trio had additionally stood collectively in the giant chorus of “Against”. 6 and a half years had shaped a deep story inside this bond.

Will probably be renewed, however speaking of Ikoma Rina, there are numerous fans of “mannequins in uniforms”. Erika Ikuta, Rina Ikoma and Minami Hoshino have been the middle positions of this track. The three women are referred to as “Living Stars” by followers. At the moment, three of the fourteen, fifteen, and thirteen have been on stage this seven years later, with the three at 21, twenty, and twenty, stage “Not a place here,” “The full moon has disappeared.” Exhibit. Erika Ikita, who is now attracting consideration as a heroine in the musical world, Minami Hoshino, who has simply released his first photograph guide, and Rina Ikoma. Regardless that the tour thus far has not been enough for three individuals to go to the stage due to the busyness of the group, on today the last round-table dialogue with three individuals, and the stage was good, and the “living star” that continued to be beloved The performance has come to an end. Ikoma is the presence of 46 models of Nogizaka. The favored pieces “Romance to be told in advance” and “Little Lion” all the time have a dwelling piece, and have expressed the historical past as a face of Nogizaka 46 in efficiency. By the means, there’s additionally a scene where “living stars” are lined up in the D-melon part of the aforementioned track “Against”, the place Ikoma is the final middle position. The story of six and a half years is just too deep.

She performed the theme music “Tsuki no Ookisa” from her beloved anime “NARUTO Shippuden”, a valuable performance showcasecase after a video message from BANANAMAN who had worked with the TV show, the Rina Ikoma's story continued to develop. I'll hold working arduous perpetually. “I'll maintain working exhausting eternally. I'll maintain working exhausting endlessly. I'll maintain working exhausting perpetually. It was a second that really felt like the concert belonged to her and her alone.

After a message from Banana Man who has co-starred in a TV program, Ikoma Rina Monogatari will unfold again. The theme track “The size of the moon” of the anime work “NARUTO-Naruto-Shippuden” that Ikoma is reluctant to love is a vital music that she is acutely aware of herself as an expressive. On today, when the illustration with a message is introduced by the unique writer Masashi Kishimoto after the performance of the music, the Ikoma, who has never proven tears at all, tears for the first time, saying, “I will do my greatest. It seems like a stay piece actually displaying off. This graduation concert is only for Ikoma Rina. It was a second that made me really feel it.


It is adopted by a performance of “Kimi no Na wa Kibou” from Kohaki Uta Gassen and “Kanashimi no Wasurekata” from the Nogizaka Ikoma's tears wouldn’t cease, as her mother and father delivered a message wishing for her well being. documentary that had painted Ikoma a heroine.

The tears of Ikoma do not stop. After a message from her mother and father who just needed her daughter's well being, she made her first reminiscence music, “Your Name is Hope,” who participated in the Purple-White Track Battle, and the Nogizaka 46 documentary movie theme music, “Sorry of Nokizaka, which composed Ikoma We showed off “forgetting”.

“I am able to see Ikoma-chan's smile is my greatest joy”, “I could not have grown if it wasn't for Ikoma-chan”, “I'll tell everyone about the amazing senpai I had ”, Stated Mai Shiraishi, Nanase Nishino and Miona Hori respecti. Nogizaka 46, who often bought one million copies, had acquired the Japan Report Awards and achieved their awaited Tokyo Dome live performance activities As the Saito stated to Ikoma: “I regret that we couldn't be a gaggle that might make you stay. But we'll proceed to fulfil your goals. These phrases really demonstrated the all-round expertise Nogizaka 46 had as a gaggle, and their leap in the direction of the door to the future.

Maiko Shiraishi “I am happy to see that Ikoma's smile is the best” MC in the subsequent MC, Nishino Nanase “I could not grow without Ikoma-chan,” Hori Miona stated “it was a lovely senior I will send you a message that If they release a single, they will be a million hit regular, and last year they won the Japan Record Award, Nogizaka 46, which also made the Tokyo Dome performances that had been a great success successful. It is no exaggeration to say that you have reached the top. Meanwhile, Asuka Saito's “I regret that Ikuka-chan could not be in a group that I wanted to remain. But we will continue to make Ikoma-chan's dream come true” This word is now gifted in each subject An extra leap as a gaggle of glowing Nogizaka 46 made me feel the future of the future door.


Rina Ikoma ’s commencement message:
I would like to walk steeper streets. I know it's a egocentric want of mine regardless of having so much right here 'I Thought there have been many people I revered and opportunities for me to grow, more than anything I all the time needed to maintain enhancing. I would like to seize maintain on goals that proceed from past this level. That's why sometime I would like to present the members the new me that's working unbiased. I've been causing Lots of hassle for my mother and father, but I would like them to look ahead to the day I can build a house for them in Tokyo. I'm additionally still going to actually on the employees any longer. It's my aim to develop into someone someone earns work. I would like to develop into an entertainer that can make followers overlook about actuality and have fun from the backside of their hearts.

Message from Rika Ikoma:
“I have a lot of respectable people and I have a lot of things I can grow up, but I thought more than anything else that I wanted to” develop into better “. I needed to go up a steeper path, I needed to go ahead. It's such a fulfilling place, however it's such an incredible place, I've received a dream in this world. I would like to present you the place I'm working alone, and I feel that my mother and father should be bothersome any further, but someday I'll be waiting to build a home in Tokyo. I feel there are plenty of issues I'm going to deal with, however I would like to be a human being who needs to give a variety of work to Ikoma. Everybody in the, I feel need to be an entertainer, similar to you take pleasure in from the bottom of my heart to overlook the actuality if you take a look at the Ikoma-chan “

Ikoma-chan was undoubtedly a key determine in the woman from the country aspect who had once utilized to Nogizaka 46 to escape from her dreaded faculty and laughed and cried on this giant setting, had grown to create a miracle in the half years. group's evolution.

The rationale why I utilized for Nogizaka 46 is that the woman from a mere rural country is crying at a place the place group action is required greater than a faculty referred to as “idol” and the miracle of six and a half years of progress as a lady . The key player in the group progress was undoubtedly Rina Ikoma “Ikoma-chan”.


On the 6th, in the present day, she participated in her final handshake event Ikoma-chan, who had frolicked round in excessive spirits and so on as she stopped being the middle in singles, will maintain a handshake event on the 3rd of this month in Nagoya. as a Nogizaka46 member at Makuhari Messe.

“Ikoma-chan,” who was released from strain when the first single left the middle for the first single and was notably spectacular when it was squatting, held a handshake occasion in Nagoya on the 3rd of this month. And right now, I participated in the last handshake occasion at Makuhari Messe as a member of Nogizaka 46 on the sixth.


On stage, her supervisor, television employees, wardrobe employees and employees employees The live performance powered up once more with a double encore, and for the first time it was revoked that “Kimi no Na wa Kibou” had been written in the image of Rina Ikoma. all appeared with messages for the idol whom everyone beloved.

The concert was carried out till W encore, and it was revealed for the first time by Akimoto Yasushi that “Your Name is Hope” was written by imagining Ikoma Rina. In stage production, messages from manager, program employees, costume employees, sound employees seem on the display one after one other, and Rika Ikoma liked by everybody.

The live performance closed with Rina Ikoma ’s signature music “Seifuku no Mannequin”.

Final of the essential part of the live performance was, in fact, the track “Mannequins in uniforms” that ought to be referred to as pronouns of Ikoma Rina, who admits to both self and others.

“Even though the door to the future is there, I call you again and again / The one who changes is you”

“The door of the future I will invite you to be there, but you will be reborn.”

Rina Ikoma introduced this phrase to actuality in Nogizaka 46. Whilst she graduates from the group, there’s much to anticipate in the future that she unlocks for herself.

Rika Ikoma who made this phrase a reality as a member of Nogizaka 46. After Nogizaka 46 commencement, I would like to look forward to the future which is ahead of the door which I aimed toward newly.

Written by Yama Junta

Translated by Sharuru

“Rina Ikoma Graduation Concert @ Nippon Budokan”
Set Record

01 Nogizaka no Uta
02 Oide Shampoo
03 Taiyō Knock
04 Mizutama Moyou
05 Tokitokimekimeki
06 Scout Man
07 Towards
08 Synchronicity
09 Shonichi / Rina Ikoma, 3rd Era
10 Temodemo no Namida / Rina Ikoma, Ayane Suzuki
11 Kokoro no Placard / Rina Ikoma, 2nd Era
12 Koko Janai Doko ka
13 Mangetsu ga Kieta
14 Arakajime Katarareru Romance
15 Mukuchi na Lion
16 Yubi Bouenkyou
17 Tsuki no Okisa
18 House!
19 Kimi no Na wa Kibō
20 Kanashimi no Wasurekata
21 Seifuku no Model

E1 Hashire! Bicycle
E2 Shakiism
E3 Guru Guru Curtain

WE1 Kimi no Na wa Kibō

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