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[7daysfree] TOKYO CUTTING EDGE CREATORS by Julie Watai 10 featuring EDITMODE Masaaki Enami | Japanese kawaii idol music culture news

TOKYO CUTTING EDGE CREATORS by Julie Watai 10 featuring EDITMODE Masaaki Enami


『TOKYO CUTTING-EDGE CREATORS by Julie Watai』#10 with ㈱エディットモード代表 江南 匡晃

TOKYO CUTTING EDGE CREATORS by Julie Watai 10 featuring EDITMODE Masaaki Enami

TOKYO CUTTING-EDGE CREATORS by Julie Watai is column collection, which covers Tokyo’s newest cutting-edge culture! On this collection she’ll be interviewing creators which have caught her curiosity, as a way to uncover the newest cutting-edge culture in Tokyo. We’ve interviewed Ai☆Madonna, Junya Suzuki from chloma, Etsuko Ichihara, TORIENA, and Tadashi Shimaya, Nukeme, and Keisuke Nagami from HATRA, and Novmichi Tosa from Maywa Denki, and Tomofumi Yoshida from Techno-Shugei Membership.
東京の最先端カルチャーを常に追いかけ続けているJulie Wataiさんの連載『TOKYO CUTTING-EDGE CREATORS by Julie Watai』。この連載では、Julie Wataiが注目するクリエイターとの対談を通じ、新たな東京の最先端カルチャーを発見していきます。初回では愛☆まどんなさん、第2回目ではchloma鈴木淳哉さん、第3回目では市原えつこさん、第4回ではTORIENAさん、第5回では島谷直志さん、第6回ではヌケメさん、第7回ではHATRA長見佳祐さん、第8回では明和電機土佐信道さんと、第9回ではテクノ手芸部のよしだともふみさんにインタビューを行いました。

For the 10th installment, we’ll be interviewing Masaaki Enami from Consultant of EDITMODE.

Julie: Very long time, no see. I haven’t seen you since Fami-mode.(Fami-mode is a chiptune musician occasion held each January in Tokyo; Julie Watai has additionally DJed at it.) THE KING OF GAMES (EDITMODE’s attire label) all the time has a sales space arrange there.
Julie:お久しぶりです。ファミ詣(毎年1月に東京で開催されるチップチューン系音楽イベント。JulieもDJで参加していました)以来ですね。THE KING OF GAMES は毎回出店されていますよね。

Enami: Very long time, no see to you as nicely. I feel it’s been spherical two or three years since we final met.

Julie: It’s been longer than I assumed, then. By the best way, did you’ve gotten a sales space at Fami-mode 2017?

Enami: Sure, we did. However due to the change in venue, we did a day occasion as an alternative of an all-night one.

Julie: I see. I can see the way it’d be one thing pleasant even through the day. A few of the attendees are somewhat older, and it looks like all night time occasions can be extra tiring bodily.

Enami: I really feel the identical means. Additionally, there have been attendees who introduced their youngsters with them.

The interview was conducted via Skype. / 対談はSkypeで行われました

The interview was carried out by way of Skype. / 対談はSkypeで行われました

Julie: By having it within the afternoon, extra people who match into these classes might come. That’s nice. By the best way, aren’t you across the similar age as me? I used to be born in 1979.

Enami: I used to be born in 1974. I’m 43 years previous.

Julie: Oh, then you definitely’re somewhat older than me. However that also places us across the similar age. Have been you a part of the era whose first console was the Nintendo Famicon (NES)?

Enami: I had a GAME&WATCH in first grade, after which acquired a Famicon within the third grade.

Julie: A GAME&WATCH? Man, that takes me again! It got here out earlier than the Famicon did. Do you keep in mind what the primary GAME&WATCH title you performed was referred to as?

Enami: Truly, the solar-powered recreation machine bought by Bandai Electronics referred to as Escape from the Satan’s Doom, and after that it was Donkey Kong. I nonetheless have them.

Left:Donkey Kong, Right:Escape from the Devil's Doom

Left:Donkey Kong, Proper:Escape from the Satan’s Doom

Julie: They did have solar-powered recreation machines again then, didn’t they. Come to think about it, it doesn’t appear so unusual once you consider how widespread solar-powered calculators have been again then. Donkey Kong was a very common title. These days, copies of it that also work fetch a reasonably excessive worth at retro recreation outlets. I used to gather junk Recreation & Watch machines. I assumed they made for cool items of inside decor.

Emani: You’re proper. To not point out that as a result of the lifetime of the machine trusted its LCD show, ultimately they might cease working.

Julie: That they had a very brief life.

Enami: The Nintendo GAME&WATCH was greatest when it got here to high quality, and it had nice sound.

Julie: It had such a glossy design that adults didn’t look misplaced carrying one, both.

Photo:Julie Watai, Model:Maki, Location:deltatune/撮影:Julie Watai、モデル:Maki、撮影協力:deltatune

Photograph:Julie Watai, Mannequin:Maki, Location:deltatune/撮影:Julie Watai、モデル:Maki、撮影協力:deltatune

Emani: Even the primary business for it didn’t make it look like it was one thing they have been essentially advertising towards youngsters.

Julie: I had no concept. I really feel just like the crystal display GAME&WATCH was actually on the prime of its class.

Julie: Inform me what your prime three video games have been whenever you have been in elementary faculty.

Enami: Oh! That’s a tough query.

Julie: You in all probability had quite a bit, however should you can, attempt to slender it down.

Enami: Okay, then Tremendous Mario Bros., Dragon Quest III, and Megami Tensei. Dragon Quest III was in junior highschool, although.

Julie: Oh! All of three are classics. Ah, I see, Dragon Quest III got here out if you have been in junior highschool.

Left:Megami Tensei, Center:Dragon Quest Ⅲ, Super Mario Bros.

Left:Megami Tensei, Middle:Dragon Quest Ⅲ, Tremendous Mario Bros.

Emani: Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II got here out once I was within the higher grades of elementary faculty.

Julie: I performed Dragon Quest I proper after Dragon Quest III, unable to include my pleasure for its subsequent installment. That was in elementary faculty. Megami Tensei struck me as being “for adults” on the time. It had a sort of sinister really feel to it.

Emani: On the time, Megami Tensei it was sort of like an offshoot from a mixture of media, since they got here out with an anime, novel, and recreation for it. I received into the anime model of it via the anime present Anime Daisuki! that was broadcast throughout summer time holidays, after which I purchased and performed the sport model.

Julie: I additionally used to observe Anime Daisuki!, too. They used to broadcast OVA anime and the like. There was one thing distinctive concerning the Megami Tensei anime.

Enami: I actually liked Anime Daisuki! and I might all the time document it on tape.

Julie: To not change the topic, however which a part of the Tremendous Mario collection did you play by way of probably the most?

Enami: Undoubtedly the primary. I had it memorized so nicely that I might doodle world maps of it in my pocket book throughout class. On the time I assumed, “If only it had an edit mode…” and that turned the inspiration behind the label’s identify (EDITMODE). I want I might have advised my youthful self that sometime they might come out with Tremendous Mario Maker like they’ve now.
江南:マリオはやはり初代で、授業中にノートにマップ描けるくらい憶えていました。このゲームにエディットモード機能があったらなぁという思いが、そのまま会社名(THE KING OF GAMES は江南さんが代表を務める、株式会社エディットモードのブランド)になりました。今はマリオメーカーが出たから、あの当時の僕に教えてあげたいですね。

Photo:Julie Watai, Model:Natsumi Goto, Location:deltatune/撮影:Julie Watai、モデル:後藤夏実、撮影協力:deltatune

Photograph:Julie Watai, Mannequin:Natsumi Goto, Location:deltatune/撮影:Julie Watai、モデル:後藤夏実、撮影協力:deltatune

Julie: In order that’s the backstory behind the corporate identify. I performed by means of the primary Tremendous Mario rather a lot myself. I’ve typically questioned what precisely made it so playable time after time. Lately I’ve been replaying it on the Nintendo Basic Mini Household Pc, and even now I keep in mind the world maps in it.

Emani: I assume that’s what occurs if you develop muscle reminiscence. However now I can’t play it in addition to I used to. (laughs) I’ve gotten older…

Julie: There have been loads of unforgiving guidelines for reflexes, or if one pixel was off it’d instantly be recreation over, and so forth.

Julie: You talked about the place the identify in your firm got here from, however inform me a bit extra concerning the backstory behind launching KING OF GAMES.
Julie:社名の由来のお話しがありましたが、THE KING OF GAMES を立ち上げた経緯を教えてください。


Enami: It will take an excessive amount of time to enter element, however initially I labored within the clothes business. I additionally labored as a retail staffmember at a well-established choose boutique in Kyoto, each shopping for and arising with unique gadgets. In the future I used to be working retail on the store and was holding a buyer’s jacket whereas he tried on a coat. He was sporting a shirt with a Nintendo emblem on it…

Julie: Oh?!

Enami: I informed him excitedly that I’d like one for myself, and I discovered that he labored for Nintendo, and that his t-shirt was a employees employee shirt from an exhibition referred to as Nintendo Area World.

Julie: That is sensible seeing as Kyoto is Nintendo’s turf. It’s not arduous to consider one thing like that might occur round that space.

Enami: He advised me that he would convey me a shirt if there have been any left over on the subsequent occasion, which I used to be actually wanting ahead to, however what I ended up receiving from him was an American-sized, geeky wanting polo shirt with “Gameboy” embroidered on it.

Julie: That was again once they solely made employees member t-shirts.

Enami: Due to this, I considered making some myself and I gave him my enterprise card, and requested if I might make a Nintendo emblem shirt with an unique retailer design. Once I did, he informed me that he thought it was an “interesting concept”, and I eagerly set to work, creating totally different coloured variations each night time on a pc my good friend had at his home, which I despatched to him together with a letter I wrote about how a lot I beloved Nintendo. However then I didn’t hear something again from him for weeks, so I referred to as him up.

Enami: Once I did, he advised me because the director of the Mario Kart collection, that he was solely in cost oof making video games and that he’d introduce you to a different division that might hear me out, after which the subsequent day I went to offer my first presentation pitch to Nintendo. This was again once they had the Nintendo64.

Photo, Model:Julie Watai, Location:deltatune/撮影、モデル:Julie Watai、撮影協力:deltatune

Photograph, Mannequin:Julie Watai, Location:deltatune/撮影、モデル:Julie Watai、撮影協力:deltatune

Julie: So this occurred greater than 15 years earlier than THE KING OF GAMES was first launched.
Julie:THE KING OF GAMES 創業の15年以上前の話ですよね。

Enami: Sure. I used to be round 26 on the time.

Julie: You have been actually passionate!

Enami: I gave the presentation, however my hopes have been utterly sunk.

Julie: Why was that?

Enami: Properly to begin with, the Nintendo emblem mark might solely be used by Nintendo. Despite the fact that they have been being made abroad.

Julie: There have been a whole lot of laws like that.

Enami: Then proper after they got here again to me with one thing and requested, “Well how about a t-shirt for this game?” which was for the Animal Crossing recreation they have been about to launch.

Julie: In order that they all of a sudden they needed to speak about t-shirt design proposal a for a brand new recreation?

Enami: What they gave me was a pamphlet for the primary Animal Crossing recreation, which prompted me to requested them about doing a Tremendous Mario t-shirt, however they knowledgeable me that I might solely have the ability to use unique Tremendous Mario packaging, design, and character illustrations.

Julie: On the time, they have been typically advertising towards youngsters.

Emani: It was widespread for the formally licensed Nintendo merchandise on the time to only have an illustration slapped on it. That’s why the identical Tremendous Mario photographs have been featured on so many various stationery gadgets.
江南: 当時の任天堂のライセンス商品は用意されたイラストをそのまま貼り付ける商品が主流で。スーパーマリオのイラストの下敷き等の文房具とかどれも同じデザインなのはそのためです。

Julie: I had no concept.

Emani: Seeing that I used to be in hassle, one person who had attended the assembly in informal garments piped up by saying,“But that’s not what you want to do, right?” Again then I might write my concepts down on a notepad that I all the time stored in my pocket, and in my notepad I had drawn a Tremendous Mario t-shirt design. Once I confirmed it to them, they gave me an opportunity by asking me to get some concepts collectively and to return again to them once more.



Julie: Simply who was that individual? (laughs)

Enami: They even gave me the trace that,“Soon the first Mario that appeared in Donkey Kong will turn 20”.

Julie: In timing with its launch.

Enami: The one that got here wearing informal garments was from the promoting agency Hakuhodo, later transfering jobs to work at Nintendo, the place he labored on the commercials for Famicon Wars and The Legend of Zelda.

Julie: The commerical for Famicon Wars actually made fairly an impression. As a result of it used actual images, you wouldn’t have thought it was a Famicon advert. I can nonetheless sing the music from the business. It looks like that individual understood your place about eager to do one thing totally different.

Enami: In mild of the chance that they had given me, I began to work from my good friend’s home each night time, and commenced rethinking every little thing from scratch about whether or not to promote it in packing containers, on-line, and so forth. The trace I received about Mario’s 20th anniversary would turn out to be THE KING OF GAMES’ first pipe Mario t-shirt, which was troublesome to perform.
The primary hurdle was “no pixelated Mario”.
ヒントをもらったマリオ20周年記念が THE KING OF GAMES の第一弾のドカンマリオTシャツになるのですが、これがとても大変でした。
まず、“ドット絵はマリオじゃない” からはじまります。


Julie: They wouldn’t allow you to use a pixelated Mario?

Enami: I used to be advised that Mario, or no less than the Mario I used to be proven on the assembly, had an indication that couldn’t be expressed in pixels.

Julie: In order that’s what they meant. They have been being cussed about it.

Enami: However I emphasised that the Mario that folks like me had grown up with was the pixelated Mario that had appeared on their TV display.In an effort to persuade them, I needed to get approval from each division at Nintendo, after which every time somebody took a problem with it, I must edit it, and days and days went on like that. At this fee I wasn’t actually getting anyplace, and it took two years earlier than I used to be capable of flip it right into a product.

Julie: I assume you might say that they characterize a unified entrance, however… It looks like it took a very long time to grow to be formally licensed.

Enami: Throughout these two years, I had provide you with numerous different designs. I purchased my very own pc, and I discovered to grasp Illustrator and the like. Although the discharge of the pipe Mario shirt was in 2002, Mario’s precise 20th anniversary was in 2001. So the 20th anniversary t-shirt got here a yr late. (snigger)



Julie: It was a very good design, although.

Enami: Thanks! Earlier than we began promoting it on-line, we solely provided it on the market on the Kyoto store I used to be working at, and all the store’s employees labored actually exhausting to push gross sales of it, which I used to be actually appreciative of. Due to my background within the attire business, initially I needed to create a recreation t-shirt that a clothes store would significantly produce. My perspective hasn’t modified since then.
I apologize that it was a long-winded story in any case. (laughs)

Julie: Arising with a becoming design and straight up graphic design are two separate issues, aren’t they. There’s plenty of design attire spanning totally different fields of curiosity, however typically gadgets that simply have a big print on the entrance are troublesome to put on. However the clothes that THE KING OF GAMES makes appears cool to individuals who aren’t acquainted with its origin, and the designs are actually good.
Julie:着た時にしっくりくるデザインって、単なるグラフィックデザインとは違いますよね。今でこそ、いろいろな趣味分野のデザインアパレルがありますが、前面に絵が大きくプリントされただけのものだと着づらいときもあります。THE KING OF GAMES の服は、元ネタを知らない人が見てもかっこいいと思えますし、いい服をきてるなと分かるデザインの良さがいいんだろうなと思います。

Photo:Julie Watai, Model:Maki, Location:deltatune/撮影:Julie Watai、モデル:Maki、撮影協力:deltatune

Photograph:Julie Watai, Mannequin:Maki, Location:deltatune/撮影:Julie Watai、モデル:Maki、撮影協力:deltatune

Enami: I recognize you saying that! Typically tendencies come into play so I can’t actually converse with regard to that, however initially I simply needed to design the sorts of t-shirts that I needed to put on, which turned the rationale behind beginning my very own model, since I wouldn’t make something I wouldn’t put on myself. I assume you would say I’m the type of person who prefers designs the place you go like, “Oh, it’s Mario!” if you rise up near them, and so I’ve a behavior of creating designs like that.

Julie: One-point embroidery designs or informal designs are good, too. Talking of THE KING OF GAMES, I feel the character of considered one of your employees members, Chicano, is admittedly cute and distinctive. Might you inform me the way you two first met?
Julie:刺繍のワンポイントとか、さりげない感じもいいですよね。THE KING OF GAMES といえば、スタッフのチカーノさんのキャラも、とってもキュートで立っていますよね。出会いのきっかけを教えてください。


Enami: Chicano was initially a scholar of Director Hashimoto from Sarugakucho (a tuning firm for video video games situated in Tokyo), which he was educating a gaming course at Seika College in Kyoto, and she or he was the primary to graduate from the course.

Julie: Seika College is Kyoto’s School of Artwork, isn’t it?

Enami: That’s proper. When she was nonetheless a scholar, she had introduced an unique work of hers together with her to the Salon du Saragaku occasion hosted by Mr. Hashimoto in Shibuya. I used to promote merchandise at every one and met his acquiantance that approach. Across the similar time considered one of my employees members had left the corporate, and Mr. Hashimoto launched me to Chicano. She a brand new graduate recruit.
Julie: Mr. Hashimoto has labored on a variety of actually fascinating tasks. I additionally participated in his Salon du Saragaku quite a few occasions and DJed there. So that you recruited her as a brand new graduate.

Julie: Mr. Hashimoto has labored on plenty of actually fascinating tasks. I additionally participated in his Salon du Saragaku quite a few occasions and DJed there. So that you recruited her as a brand new graduate.

Julie: In July 2017 you placed on THE KING OF GAMES World Exhibition in Nakano. It was talked rather a lot about on SNS and on on-line newsites, however what sort of occasion was it?
Julie:2017年7月に中野で「ザ キングオブゲームズの世界展」というイベントを開催されていましたね。

Enami: It was an occasion to commemorate THE KING OF GAMES’ 15th anniversary, and was held inside choose store METEOR’s basement gallery, the primary store I ever dealt with a wholesale order for.
METEOR was initially situated in Kichijoji, however it moved to Nakano and the place it had sufficient basement gallery area, and so we held it there.
江南:THE KING OF GAMES 15周年を記念して企画したイベントで、一番最初に卸として取り扱っていただいたセレクトショップ METEORさんの地下のギャラリーで開催しました。

Julie: Even when METEOR was nonetheless in Kichijoji, it was well-known for being a trendy, Eight-bit choose store! What sort of content material did you exhibit?

Enami: I exhibited one piece for annually, to characterize every of our 15 years, and so there have been 15 items on show in complete to point out the world of video games and toys that THE KING OF GAMES was based on. The exhibit’s principal function consisted of 108 gold Mario statues, which I referred to as “Mario Greed”. (laughs) It additionally put my spending habits on show for everybody to see, too. (laughs) And later I did I appeared on a chat present with Bose from Scha Dara Parr, to debate my spending habits.
江南:15年間のそれぞれの年を代表する1型、全15着の展示と、THE KING OF GAMES の根幹であるゲームやおもちゃの世界観を表現しました。展示の目玉は、金のマリオ像を108体展示した「マリオ煩悩」です(笑) 僕の収集癖を公開した展示でもあります(笑) そして、その収集癖について、スチャダラパーのBoseさんとトークショウでしゃべりました。

Julie: These gold Mario figures are given out as prizes to Membership Nintendo (Nintendo’s membership service) members, proper?

Enami: Sure. It’s such a foolish factor.
江南: はい。アホですよね。

Julie: So it appears you’re additionally fairly the collector then, too. You even made a particular carrying case to carry them. (laughs)



Enami: I’ve all the time appreciated small, heavy issues; the gold Mario half was only a bonus.

Julie: So you probably did a chat present with Bose from Scha Dara Parr. That should have been a blast.

Enami: Bose additionally teaches at Seika College, and comes right down to Kyoto each week. Once I requested to be on his speak present he readily accepted. I used to be blown away by how good at public talking he’s.


Julie: Each of you’re related to Kyoto, and in addition you each love Famicon, so I think about it was a deep speak.

Enami: Sure, you can say it was deep. (laughs)
江南: はい。ディープでした(笑)


Julie: As Edit Mode welcomes its 15th anniversary, are you able to inform me about any prospects relating to future work?

Enami: We’re about to go into our 16th yr, however since we’re all fairly laid again, we simply do no matter we will every day, progressively increasing our exercise. We plan to proceed doing this now and sooner or later as nicely. Simply collaborating with individuals we meet as we go alongside to make issues and placed on occasions. One thing I’d wish to pursue is designing garments for a personality after which making that right into a t-shirt. In fact it will be a hidden setting. (laughs) I feel so far as licensing goes, no one has completed that but.

Julie: It will be cool when you might do some sort of reverse combined media with t-shirts and video games, just like Megami Tensei like we have been speaking about earlier than. I hope you can also make it a actuality. Thanks for all the fantastic tales you’ve shared with me in the present day!

Enami: Thanks for the prolonged chat!!

Photo:Julie Watai, Model:Kozue Haruna, Maki, Location:deltatune/撮影:Julie Watai、モデル:はるな梢、Maki、撮影協力:deltatune

Photograph:Julie Watai, Mannequin:Kozue Haruna, Maki, Location:deltatune/撮影:Julie Watai、モデル:はるな梢、Maki、撮影協力:deltatune

After the Interview/対談を終えて

Since Enami and I are each from the identical era, from the very starting we had so much to dicuss concerning the Famicon, earlier than speaking about the way it tied into the launch of THE KING OF GAMES. I received the impression by the best way he passionally talked that he felt very moved by Nintendo.
江南さんとは同年代同士ということで、冒頭からファミコンの話に花が咲いた今回の対談でしたが、そこから繋がったTHE KING OF GAMES 立ち上げのお話し。まさに江南さんの熱意に任天堂が動かされたのだろうな、という印象を受けました。

Each time I encounter an fascinating topic (typically a robotic, machine, or one thing like that) when capturing, I’ve share the way it strikes me with different individuals concerned when negotiating a shoot, and in that approach, felt like there have been sure factors we might undoubtedly relate to one another on.

As a gamer for all times, that love for the content material itself makes you actually worth your relationship with that firm. So due to that, I felt like different players can perceive their dedication to their formally licensed releases, and that with their help THE KING OF GAMES has turn into what it’s at this time.
あくまでゲームファンの一人として、そのコンテンツが好きだからこそ会社との関係性も大切にしていきたい。だから公式ライセンスでリリースをしている、というこだわりがゲームファンの間で理解され、支持されて今のTHE KING OF GAMES があるのだと感じました。

Maasaki Enami’s Profile

EDIT MODE Consultant
After aqcuiring a license from Nintendo in 2002, THE KING OF GAMES, an attire model making use of early home Nintendo (NES) recreation motifs was launched, the place he put in control of planning, design, and manufacturing administration.
He’s helped produce over 120 totally different t-shirts, and presently has extra new tasks within the works.
Main recreation titles that they’ve become t-shirts are Tremendous Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, MOTHER, Kirby’s Dream Land), Hearth Emblem, Pokémon, GAME & WATCH, and Splatoon, amongst others.

江南 匡晃さんプロフィール
2002年、任天堂株式会社よりライセンスを取得し、国内初の任天堂ゲームをモチーフにしたアパレルブランド「THE KING OF GAMES」を旗揚げし、同ブランドの企画、デザイン、生産管理を担当する。

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Translated by Jamie Koide

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Julie Watai
Julie Watai

After working at an idol in Japan, Julie Watai moved by herself to Italy, publishing SAMURAI GIRL in 2006 whereas working as a photographer for Italian publishing firm DRAGO&ARTS. She shortly turned a world Japanese pop culture determine, gaining a big following. After returning to Japan, she continued her work as a photographer, together with creating electronics as a interest and iPhone apps, and has been remarkably profitable as a part of the Akiba-style geek culture, too.

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