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20 Times Characters Were Ridiculously Overpowered

20 Times Characters Were Ridiculously Overpowered

Avatar imagines a world filled with prospects. A patchwork of cultures, myths, and histories crafted right into a magical place the place nations are outlined by the power to control the weather. Implausible in each sense of the phrase, however one way or the other plausible.

The actual magic is how plausible Avatar feels. It might be a mistake to imagine every little thing in Avatar is high-flying, low-risk adventuring, although. On the danger of sounding like Tenzin, the world has guidelines. You may have the ability to catch a experience on a flying bison or encounter an enormous serpent lurking within the sea, however these experiences will in all probability be much less widespread. Likewise, it’s straightforward to seek out an individual able to throwing flame, nevertheless it’s much more uncommon to see one capable of channel the true magnificence and energy of firebending with out studying from the dragons. On this expansive world so filled with thriller, there’s nonetheless a way of normalcy that applies to every part.

That is additionally a world filled with exceptions. Way back to the lore goes, Avatar is filled with individuals attaining nice issues by difficult norms. From the primary within the line of Avatars to the newest within the cycle, this can be a story brimming with individuals for whom the principles don’t apply. Characters who’re extra highly effective than the remaining, who change the best way we consider what’s potential. The type of people that could make sweeping modifications as a result of they’ll it.

With out additional ado, listed here are 20 Times Avatar Characters Were Ridiculously Overpowered.

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20 the Final Airbender: Aang, Siege of the Northern Water Tribe

Throughout E-book One “Siege of the North” tensions between the Water Tribe and Hearth Nation got here to a head. Admiral Zhao, obsessive about domination, stormed the Northern Water Tribe with an armada and assumably tons of of infantry. This was one of many first occasions we noticed large-scale army motion within the present and issues appeared dangerous. Then Aang ended up unconscious… Then Zhao efficiently eradicated the Moon Spirit, chopping off the waterbenders from their energy.

Not solely does Aang enter the Avatar State, however he additionally merges with the Ocean Spirit. The mixture is greater than sufficient to wipe out the Hearth Nation ships and infantry single-handedly. Let’s not overlook, that is all a matter of days after Aang arrived on the Northern Water Tribe to correctly study waterbending. It was nice, however fairly OP.

19 The Final Airbender: Combustion Man

Check out the world of Avatar: The Final Airbender. It’s recent, but acquainted. We anticipate to see the swords, the bows, and the spears. The story even makes the thought of throwing fireballs and elevating platforms from the bottom really feel pure. Even letting off a bolt of lightning matches. Then there’s Combustion Man.

When the ominous determine searching Workforce Avatar fires his brow cannon it feels jarring. That’s not simply due to his explosive greetings, both. Combustion Man is successfully a firearm. He’s able to capturing throughout lengthy distances with spectacular accuracy. We additionally see him creating a number of fast explosions at brief vary. Whereas the power to pay attention is a prerequisite, that weak spot doesn’t change the very fact Combustion Man is the man with a multi-function rifle in a medieval world.

18 The Final Airbender: Uncle Iroh

Quiet, meditative, and sensible, Iroh boasts a special sort of energy from most on this record. Iroh might appear to be an odd selection, however after reflecting on his deep wealth of data and breadth of expertise, it’s exhausting to think about anybody extra highly effective. This previous tea aficionado is well-equipped for absolutely anything. Caught in a metropolis underneath siege? Misplaced within the spirit world? Confused concerning the morality of betraying your loved ones to assist your folks? Iroh has the reply, private expertise, and skill to assist. Who wants Google whenever you’ve acquired Iroh?

Iroh is the Dragon of the North. Able to respiration hearth, capturing lightning, escaping jail (a number of occasions), and communing with spirits. Alongside the best way, he efficiently tracks down the long-lost Avatar and turns an exiled prince into the hearth lord.

17 Legend of Korra: Korra

Return to when the primary episode of Legends of Korra was launched. Perhaps you simply rewatched The Final Airbender and also you have been lastly prepared to start out the subsequent chapter. Inside 5 minutes this Korra does what Aang took three seasons to do.

Korra bends water, earth, and hearth. As a toddler. That’s a unprecedented first impression. It additionally appears fairly overpowered after seeing Aang wrestle simply studying a second component for a whole season. Even should you let that slide, this being a modernized world full of latest counter-bending tech and bending expertise, Korra’s capacity to quickly outperform Aang continues. She redefines how people and spirits work together, going as far as to merge with the Mild Spirit to tackle Vaatu.

16 The Final Airbender: Hama

Hama is on this listing for 2 causes: First, as a result of she’s the primary of her variety and second, because of the nature of her talents. So far as we all know, Hama found the power to bloodbend. She educated this talent to allow her to flee a Hearth Nation jail and it’s instructed she has used it cautiously ever since. That provides Hama the factor of shock in any state of affairs. You merely can’t counter what you didn’t even know was potential.

Waterbenders are titans throughout a full moon. As a subset of waterbending, bloodbending is equally amplified. The power to trigger an individual to twitch turns into full management like a puppeteer manipulates a puppet. TLDR; Hama is the overwhelming menace you by no means anticipated.

15 Legend of Korra: P’Li

If Combustion Man is like having a rifle in historic occasions, then P’Li is like including a scope and laser sights too. Let’s be completely clear about one thing. Combustionbending is arduous. We don’t imply “Aang struggling with the fear of hurting those he loves most” arduous; Mastering combustionbending means being able to focus, channel your chi, and direct that power in a approach that is efficient and protected (for you).

P’Li is one in every of two people who meet these standards within the collection. In addition to that of that, P’Li even has the cognitive power to direct her bending as if the explosion is following the goal. Although P’Li is finally defeated, her passing got here after placing our heroes to the check.

14 The Final Airbender: Toph

Maybe the thought of a blind little woman from a wealthy household being too highly effective sounds unusual. To that, allow us to remind you that is Toph Beifong. Confronted with the lack to see together with her eyes, Toph discovered to see the world in methods we couldn’t think about. Toph Beifong, the pampered baby born within the coronary heart of the Earth Kingdom, the reigning champion in an underground wrestling ring.

When imprisoned in a strong metallic field, she created a completely new option to bend and busted out. Toph Beifong doesn’t simply problem the widespread imagery of individuals we contemplate highly effective, she is arguably probably the most formidable benders round by the point she’s 12 years previous.

13 the Final Airbender: Hearth Lord Ozai

Hearth Lord Ozai is the sort of villain you study to worry lengthy earlier than they make a bodily look. It takes entire seasons for us to even see Ozai’s face, however we’re very conversant in his work. Zuko’s scars. Brutal hearth nation troopers. The prisoner camps. What Ozai does is a transparent sufficient message that he’s a critical menace with nice energy that extends the world over. Simply give it some thought. Ozai has the assets to ship whole armadas to chase legends and pacify villages.

Along with all that energy, Hearth Lord Ozai is a powerful martial artist and a grasp firebender. The clout of a king and the pressure of a warrior. Even with out the army drive, Hearth Lord Ozai is a titan able to competing with a totally realized Avatar.

12 Legend of Korra: Yakone

Whereas maybe not the topped chief of a nation, Yakone enjoys the political pressure of a bonafide crime lord. He’s the most important and baddest of his ilk at a time when Republic Metropolis nonetheless loved Avatar Aang’s safety. Such was his grip on the town that the Avatar himself targeted on ending his reign of terror. When Yakone was lastly arrested, he revealed the power to telepathically bloodbend, and not using a full moon.

Yakone is a criminal offense boss with the power to show you right into a puppet with a single thought. Perhaps we’re mistaking completely scary with overpowered, however both method, Yakone earned his spot on this record (and efficiently gave us all nightmares).

11 Legend of Korra: Amon

Amon is management incarnate. He’s a pure chief who can win many battles with rhetoric and appeal. If it involves violence, he’s a talented martial artist, a prolific waterbender even able to telepathic bloodbending (like his father, Yakone). Lastly, if that’s not sufficient, he’s even expert sufficient at chi blocking that he successfully take away your bending. Already Amon is a pressure to be reckoned with.

Now think about Amon is the chief of a like-minded motion. Shortly and with thought-about precision, Amon lots of to take violent motion towards benders and the oppressive authorities supporting them. He armed these troopers with instruments to disable benders with as little as a slap of the hand. The one factor worse than a telepathic bloodbender is one with a military.

10 The Final Airbender: The Hearth Nation, Sozin’s Comet

When Sozin’s Comet lastly arrived we witnessed a satisfyingly climactic scene. Hearth Nation airships soar over the luxurious inexperienced forest under, troopers step onto the balconies across the vessels, then every an enormous flame followers over every part. Behind every airship is a path of ash following in its wake. Abruptly the Phoenix King Ozai’s plan to “burn the Earth Kingdom” sounds very literal and really potential.

The sweeping destruction is even scarier once we contemplate how weak most Hearth Nation troopers usually have been up to now. Let’s simply say these aren’t the blokes respiration hearth or flying round with hearth spouting from their heels.  With that comparability recent in thoughts, we expect you’d agree that Sozin’s Comet makes the Hearth Nation grossly overpowered.

9 Legend of Korra: Darkish Avatar

The identical collection that gave us down-to-earth enemies like Zhao, Amon, and Kuvira additionally delivered the Darkish Avatar (Or UnaVaatu). In contrast to the aforementioned baddies who relied on armies of women and men roused by their trigger, the Darkish Avatar is a extra cosmic menace.

In the course of the Harmonic Convergence, the Darkish Spirit Vaatu entered into Unalaq. Their mixed talents turned even larger. Vaatu gained a bodily physique in addition to the start of a sample akin to the Avatar Cycle. In the meantime, Unalaq noticed his talents as a grasp water and spiritbender enhance drastically, to not point out the very fact he gained the power to enter a kind of Darkish Avatar State full with power beams. Briefly, the Darkish Avatar is the type of enemy that even Korra was barely outfitted to deal with.

eight The Final Airbender: Ty Lee

Acrobatic, agile, and uniquely expert at martial arts, Ty Lee is extra threatening than she might at first seem. There’s a cause she’s part of Princess Azula’s internal circle. A number of the deadliest characters revolve across the princess and Ty Lee is not any exception. Take away the backing from the Hearth Nation, she will nonetheless outperform benders and troopers alike.

What makes Ty Lee particular is her information, talent, and demeanor. She understands how chi flows via the physique, feeding one’s means to bend in addition to to maneuver. Spectacular velocity and precision honed over time permit her to disarm grasp benders and professional troopers alike. Lastly, Ty Lee maintains a chipper angle you possibly can really feel anytime she’s round. In consequence, most don’t take her significantly when she might be one of many largest threats on the battlefield.

7 Legend of Korra: Avatar Wan

Wan started as a younger man in poverty. He made due stealing meals from the wealthy and sharing the spoils together with his household. At this level, he was fairly regular, if a relatively good acrobat. Nevertheless, the second he joined the hunters and left his village he turned distinctive.

Wan primarily stole the power to firebend. For his crime, he was banished, main him on a journey that might earn Wan the power to bend the opposite parts and even befriend the spirits. Contemplating no human had the innate potential to bend the weather, as an alternative, they wanted to borrow the power from the lion turtles, that already made Wan extra highly effective than most. Add the truth that Wan finally merged with the spirit of sunshine, Raava, and it’s arduous to not see him as a god amongst males.

6 The Final Airbender: Avatar Kyoshi

Glimpses of Avatar Kyoshi seem all through The Final Airbender. We see work, performs, warriors bearing her likeness, and even reminiscences of some of her exploits. By means of all of this we all know one factor for sure: Kyoshi was a beast.

As if being the Avatar wasn’t sufficient, Kyoshi was an all-around exceptional warrior. She was bodily intimidating, extremely expert, and had no qualms with taking down her foes when vital. Had Ozai or Amon confronted Kyoshi there’s a superb probability neither would have made it to jail. What actually earns Kyoshi’s spot on this listing is her confrontation with Chin the Conqueror. Whereas rolling by way of the Earth Kingdom claiming land, Chin got here to the Avatar’s homeland. When diplomacy failed, Kyoshi merely cut up the land in two — actually creating Kyoshi Island — and finally eliminating Chin.

5 Legends of Korra: Vaatu

Vaatu is an entity that exists outdoors the constraints of time and mortality. Strictly talking, this ageless spirit has no aims or motives. Vaatu is chaos and darkness. As one of many oldest spirits recognized, it ought to go with out saying that Vaatu can’t die. Certainly, to really defeat the spirit of darkness one should lure bind them, understanding full properly that one-day Vaatu will return. Avatar Wan locked Vaatu into the Tree of Time. Avatar Korra purified Vaatu (locking them within the spirit of sunshine, Raava).

If that doesn’t humble you, contemplate that the stronger Vaatu turns into the extra chaotic the world grows. Rebellious spirits turn into an on a regular basis hazard and, even if you wish to battle again, studying how means discovering what occurred hundreds of years in the past. Good luck with that.

four Legend of Korra: Lightening Benders, Engineering

Because the present progresses offshoots of the first parts begin to seem. Benders start to uncover the power to bend metallic, blood, and maybe most influential to the story, lightning. Lightningbending modifications the tone of the present in The Final Airbender. Its introduction pushes Zuko to drive himself to study the talent, develops Uncle Iroh’s connection to his nephew, and finally modifications the best way Aang views his position because the Avatar. The power to wield lightning is clearly a strong pressure. In any case, one strike almost took out Aang.

Think about our shock watching Mako finish a day of labor on the manufacturing unit. It’s a brief scene, however one depicting a number of benders beaming lightning into some sort of engine. The facility to strike down a full-fledged Avatar is getting used to assist energy some warehouse. Speak about overqualified.

three The Final Airbender: Azula

In some ways, Princess Azula was earlier than her time. She loved the clout of a royal within the Hearth Nation, which in 100 AG had energy the world over, and will bend in ways in which would impress anybody. Azula is crafty, chilly, and able to observing how a state of affairs can be utilized to develop her political and private benefits. She even efficiently catches Uncle Iroh in her schemes and manipulates everybody from Zuko to Aang.

Most essential of all, Princess Azula surrounds herself with gifted allies. Her staff features a proto-chi blocker and a noble with the knife throwing expertise of a practiced murderer. Taken all collectively, Princess Azula can be a problem for anybody. It’s value noting that Azula almost eradicated Aang utilizing her thoughts for technique and lightning bending.

2 Legend of Korra: Chi Blockers

The very first chi blocker we encounter is Ty Lee. She left a wake of troopers incapable of shifting, not to mention bending, outdoors of Ba Sing Se. Healers had no concept what they have been dealing with and to say her impression in battle was felt can be an understatement.

Many years later the power to chi block has unfold. It’s a logo of defiance towards benders with many educated within the artwork mirroring Ty Lee acrobatic fashion. As if extra chi blockers isn’t sufficient, a majority of those people are outfitted with gloves capable of electrocute opponents with a contact. In motion, these unnamed henchpeople frequently overwhelm Korra, Mako, and others arguably extra succesful than the unique Staff Avatar have been once they confronted Ty Lee. Whereas we rank them as overpowered, we additionally don’t actually thoughts the problem.

1 The Final Airbender: Admiral Zhao

Zhao is hungry for glory and pleased to carry out monstrous deeds to be able to advance his place. We see him speak down the exiled Prince Zuko utilizing each his clout as a army officer and his talent as a soldier. It’s each of those qualities pushed by an insatiable urge for food that makes Zhao excessively highly effective.

Zhao defines himself by his energy. Time after time we witness Zhao deploy troopers who shortly scale back forests to ash and villages to rubble. Through the Siege of the Northern Water Tribe, Zhao leads a whole armada that almost destroys the town have been it not for the Ocean Spirit and Avatar Aang (principally divine intervention). The very fact this want for energy efficiently eradicated the Moon Spirit is a testomony to how highly effective Zhao really was.

Are you able to consider another occasions a bender was overpowered in Avatar? Tell us within the feedback!

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