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20 Fan Theories That Completely Change The Show

20 Fan Theories That Completely Change The Show

The Vampire Diaries delighted, annoyed, and impressed followers for years. All through its eight seasons, the present gained a devoted following, a few of whom appreciated to theorize about their favourite vampires, werewolves, and people. The number of fan theories exhibits the number of causes that folks watched the present. Some have been drawn in by the relationships between characters, whereas others appreciated the supernatural facet of the present. Nonetheless, others favored the lore or loved evaluating The Vampire Diaries to different tales.

Although vampires have been the recent new factor when The Vampire Diaries began, they shortly turned previous information. But the present stayed on for a very long time regardless, and the followers have been devoted to the top. Maybe the fan theories not solely present how devoted the followers have been but in addition that many followers noticed the present, which turned filled with extra plot twists and plot holes as time went on, not solely because it was however because it could possibly be. Although some fan theories are outlandish, as fan theories are typically, some may need been fascinating if that they had performed out on the present.

Think about Elena waking up from her magical sleep forgetting every thing that had occurred since assembly Stefan and Damon. Boy, would which have rebooted the present! Or if Elena actually began falling for Damon in the course of the occasions of season one. That would have been fascinating, and probably induced lots of drama in all elements of the fanbase. Or if Nina Dobrev returned not as Elena or as Katherine, however as a brand new character, the villain of season eight. Additionally very fascinating.

Study all these fan theories and extra with The Vampire Diaries: 20 Fan Theories That Completely Change The Show.

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Elena Gilbert sad in The Vampire Diaries

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20 Elena was going to get up from her sleep

Elena Gilbert sad in The Vampire Diaries

Think about if Elena awakened from her magical coma not figuring out a factor about vampires and werewolves, witches and ghosts. In response to a fan principle, it might’ve occurred within the collection finale of The Vampire Diaries.  This fan principle states that Elena would get up from her magical sleep solely understanding her life earlier than she met the Salvatores. That would’ve been tragic for a lot of followers, who have been invested in Elena’s relationships with each Salvatore brothers.

Although these not keen on the love triangle in all probability would not have minded. No matter which class of followers you may fall underneath, think about if this fan principle had occurred. That would’ve undoubtedly rebooted the present and followers would have most probably been campaigning for extra seasons fairly than feeling closure. So maybe it is a good factor this fan concept did not occur.

19 All of the characters are actually gone

By way of:

This fan concept is definitely fascinating. Although maybe it is among the extra outlandish ones. The characters of The Vampire Diaries are definitely very morally gray. However hell? Actually? A few of them might deserve it however most followers would in all probability not need their favourite characters to endure an excessive amount of. Then once more, the present all the time did wish to hold us on our toes.

If this fan concept is true, it might definitely be shocking and would clarify why characters typically suffered a lot all through the present. Nonetheless, most individuals’s model of hell wouldn’t embrace a love triangle or so many engaging younger individuals.

18 Stefan’s story in season 7 is predicated on The Odyssey

The Odyssey? Actually? You might be questioning why any fan would say that. Nevertheless, this concept is definitely an fascinating one. When you’re unfamiliar with The Odyssey, it is the story of Odysseus making an attempt to make it residence after the Trojan Warfare to his spouse Penelope and encountering many obstacles alongside the best way. What does this should do with The Vampire Diaries and Stefan, you might ask? Good query.

In line with one fan, Stefan is Odysseus on this case whereas Caroline is Penelope and Alaric represents the suitors. Valerie represents the sirens. Stefan is making an attempt to get again to Caroline, who presumes him lifeless and resides with a brand new suitor (Alaric), whereas nonetheless staying trustworthy to Stefan (her relationship with Alaric is pretend). In the meantime, Valerie is messing with Stefan by casting a spell on his journal (siren track, anybody?).

17 Caroline and Damon have been going to be collectively in season 5

This definitely would’ve been fascinating, and almost definitely would have brought about plenty of drama within the fanbase. Damon and Elena followers wouldn’t have been completely satisfied, nor would many followers of Caroline’s numerous pairings together with Klaus, Tyler and maybe even Stefan.

In line with one fan,  Caroline and Damon have been going to hook up in season 5 episode twelve.  Although which will have been fascinating, particularly if there are any–though it is unlikely–Caroline and Damon shippers, it might have more than likely additionally induced pointless drama in a present filled with drama already. So maybe it is higher that the writers did not go this route.

16 Elena was appearing like Damon

This fan principle is definitely believable. Which is sort of creepy if you consider it. Resulting from dropping Damon, Elena was grieving. To really feel nearer to her misplaced love, Elena began appearing like season one Damon and probably even dressing like him. In accordance with one fan, that is Elena’s means of coping with the loss.

The fan principle goes on to say that by day Elena acts regular and places on a facade, however by night time she resides out her darkest Damon-like fantasies. Maybe not the healthiest coping mechanism. Which Elena herself almost certainly realizes as she goes about her double life. Actually, within the present itself, she asks Alaric to compel her to overlook Damon. So this principle won’t be to date off.

15 Elena began to fall in love with Damon throughout season one

This definitely would’ve been fascinating, for all elements of the fandom. Damon and Elena followers and Stefan and Elena followers would have all had one thing to say about this. In line with one fan,  Elena began falling for Damon once they danced collectively on the Miss Mystic Falls pageant when Stefan wasn’t round. This definitely would have been an fascinating route for the present to go down, particularly since that scene is such an iconic one for Damon and Elena.

Most Damon and Elena followers would have felt very completely satisfied if the present had gone down that route. Nevertheless, in the long run, this fan concept was not right. Elena, in line with the present, began falling in love with Damon throughout season three and subsequently couldn’t have already been in love with him throughout season one.

14 Damon was answerable for the destiny of elena’s mother and father

Damon At Bar In Vampire Diaries

Many followers theorized that Damon was answerable for the deaths of the Gilbert mother and father. That definitely would have been a plot twist and more than likely would have put an finish to Damon and Elena for good. Nevertheless, in the long run, the writers didn’t go that route and lots of followers are doubtless grateful.

In any case, poor Elena has suffered sufficient in her brief life with out this concept being true. She’s been via quite a bit and deserves a break. This amongst many different causes is probably going why the writers determined to go a special approach. Particularly since this twist would have probably put an finish to Damon and Elena’s relationship, which maybe the writers didn’t need to do.

13 Stefan and Katherine have been destined to be collectively

Stefan and Damon Try To Save Katherine

In response to one fan,  since doppelgängers are fated to be collectively and Elena is, at this level, with Damon, that signifies that Stefan and Katherine are supposed to be collectively. When you’re a Stefan and Katherine fan, most certainly you agree and need that they had ended up collectively. In case you’re a Stefan and Elena fan, however, you are in all probability shaking your head and disagreeing.

This is able to have been an fascinating twist, although. Think about if Stefan, good boy Stefan, had ended up with a personality that may solely be described as an antagonist if not a villain. That would have been very fascinating and the catalyst for in depth character improvement for each characters.

12 Damon would have the remedy pressured on him

In line with one fan, Damon would have the remedy for vampirism pressured on him both by way of a drink meant for Elena or throughout a wrestle with Stefan. This definitely would’ve been an fascinating plot twist as it will have modified the Damon and Elena and Damon and Stefan dynamics. Particularly if Stefan had been the one to trigger Damon to get the remedy pressured on him.

This concept additionally goes on to say that the remedy would have some downsides corresponding to reminiscence loss, which might completely change Damon as a personality if he had it pressured on him, additional affecting the Damon and Elena and Damon and Stefan relationships. This may have been fascinating, however finally the writers went a special route.

11 Damon and Bonnie would be gone for good

Typically on The Vampire Diaries, demise is just not the top. But in line with one fan, Damon and Bonnie have been going to die for good. This might have been a shocking plot twist, although Damon followers and Bonnie followers would have been disillusioned. This definitely would have left a gaping gap within the present, a Damon-sized gap, and a Bonnie-sized gap.

Damon would not have been round for Elena or Stefan and Bonnie would not have been round for Elena or Caroline. In the long run, everybody’s favourite vampire and witch didn’t die completely, and most followers are probably grateful. In any case, what would the present be like with out Damon’s wit and Bonnie’s magic? It definitely would have been very totally different.

10 Katherine was caught within the Jail World

This definitely would have been an fascinating plot twist. Katherine is many followers’ favourite antagonist. It definitely would have been thrilling to see what Katherine would have gotten as much as and the way she would have messed with Damon and Bonnie. As a result of Katherine would not be Katherine if she wasn’t antagonizing somebody.

This principle additionally goes on to say that Katherine would come again with Damon and Bonnie, which might result in the “no magic” spell being damaged in Mystic Falls as a consequence of Katherine additionally being a doppelgänger, which means Elena wouldn’t be the one feminine doppelgänger on the town anymore.

9 Elena solely informed Stefan to save lots of Matt to strengthen the concept she’s selfless

This concept could also be pushing it a bit bit. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Elena commonly places others above herself, together with on this scene with Matt. She is probably not perfect–who is?–but she is general a great individual. She undoubtedly has her egocentric moments too, as all of us do, however more often than not she’s fairly selfless.

So this concept is perhaps a number of followers misinterpreting Elena’s character. It simply does not appear probably that Elena can be able to such deception or would pull the wool over not solely her family members’ eyes however the viewers’s as properly. It additionally does not appear probably that the writers meant it to be interpreted that approach.

eight Elena would find yourself with Matt

So, that is fascinating. Shoutout to the few Matt and Elena shippers. In response to one fan, it’s because Matt brings out her humanity. Which is true. When she turned her humanity off, Matt was capable of convey it again. Matt and Elena additionally commonly open up to one another. Although all of that isn’t past the realms of an in depth friendship.

Although it definitely would have been fascinating if this had occurred. Many followers would have had one thing to say about it, although. This might’ve been the factor to unite Damon and Elena followers with Stefan and Elena followers, which frequently appeared an inconceivable feat.

7 Klaus was Vincent Van Gogh

Sure, you learn that appropriately. Klaus, everybody’s favourite Unique hybrid, was Vincent Van Gogh. In accordance with one fan,  Klaus would have used his portray skills, painted some flowers in France, and would have ultimately faked the demise of his alter ego after being discovered by his father. Whereas this principle is sort of fascinating, it’s unlikely.

In any case, whereas Klaus does like portray, he is far too busy together with his villainous exploits to ever calm down and reside a quiet life. That and it is onerous to think about Klaus portray Starry Night time. So this concept should keep solely a principle. Although it will be fascinating to see in fanfiction. Klaus followers, get on it!

6 Bonnie had emotions for Damon

One other fascinating principle. Based on one fan, Bonnie beloved Damon. She confirmed this love by attacking him and telling him that he betrayed her? That does sound a bit like a jilted lover. This concept would’ve been fascinating if it had performed out on the present.

Not solely wouldn’t it trigger drama between Bonnie and Damon, however it might additionally trigger drama between Damon and Elena and Elena and Bonnie. Bonnie’s pal Elena would almost certainly not take it properly that Bonnie had a factor for Damon. And what would Damon’s response be? Onerous to say. He’d in all probability be considerably flattered which might trigger some drama between Damon and Elena.

5 Stefan and Damon would each sacrifice themselves

Stefan and Damon Young

How tragic for followers of the Salvatores. This concept states that in an effort to defeat the ultimate enemy–which this concept says is Katherine–the Salvatores must die. The brothers would die heroic deaths to save lots of their buddies and can be final seen in Bonnie’s heaven with Damon arising behind Stefan saying “Hello brother,” echoing the well-known scene from season one.

This concept could be very fascinating and a few followers might need it had occurred. Though it might have been tragic to say goodbye to each Salvatores for good on the finish of the present, there’s one thing so bittersweet concerning the season one parallels that is too good to disregard. Maybe this was one other missed alternative on the writers’ elements.

four Elena’s mother and father’ passings have been brought on by a vampire

In response to one fan, the dying of the Gilbert mother and father was no accident. A vampire, maybe mistaking Elena for Katherine as a result of her doppelgänger standing, is the reason for their automotive going off the street. This concept is sort of an fascinating one. It definitely would make sense for Elena’s mother and father to be killed not directly by a vampire.

Nevertheless, Julie Plec herself has confirmed that there have been no supernatural hijinks concerned, it was merely an accident. So sorry theorist however this stays only a principle.

three Vicki was sire bonded to Damon

It’s kind of extra just like the books than the present right here. Vicki’s season one sire bond to Damon is extra like how e-book Elena reacted after newly being became a vampire. Vicki exhibits her bond by defending Damon from Tyler, who punches Damon. Some followers might imagine she’s defending Tyler from Damon however the timing of the road can be incorrect for that, in line with this fan theorist.  

The first season of the present probably drew from the books a bit greater than later seasons. So this concept is feasible. Vicki might have certainly had a little bit of a sire bond to Damon. We’ll more than likely by no means know if this concept is true nevertheless it’s definitely fascinating to consider.

2 Kai was the protagonist of season 6

Based on one fan theorist, Kai Parker was the actual protagonist of the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries. This can be one of many extra “out there” theories. Regardless of how a lot followers might have loved Kai as a personality, the protagonist spot is already taken, by a number of individuals truly. Kai can also be extra of an antagonist like Katherine or Klaus. Is not it humorous that each one of their names begin with Okay?

New fan principle: anybody with a Okay identify is evil. Sorry to everybody with Okay names. It additionally is not probably that somebody who killed his siblings can be the protagonist of the story, particularly given the shut sibling bonds of Damon and Stefan and Elena and Jeremy. It would not match the story the writers have been telling.

1 Nina Dobrev would return because the villain

In response to one fan theorist, Nina Dobrev would return for season eight not as Elena or as Katherine, however as a brand new character, the villain of the story. This concept might have been potential. Particularly when all followers knew was that Nina Dobrev was returning to the forged. The writers definitely might have gone this route. It may need been fascinating to see Nina Dobrev painting one other antagonist. These elements are all the time enjoyable to play.

Although most followers are possible glad that Elena and Katherine got here again. Particularly since each elements are so iconic. Many followers particularly love Katherine–even greater than Elena sometimes–and it is fascinating to see that she’s pulling the strings in season eight very similar to she was in season one.

Are there another fascinating fan theories about The Vampire Diaries? Tell us within the feedback!

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