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15 Characters Who Could Replace Naruto As Hokage (And 15 Who Aren’t Powerful Enough)

15 Characters Who Could Replace Naruto As Hokage (And 15 Who Aren’t Powerful Enough)

On the earth of Naruto, turning into a Kage is the dream for lots of younger shinobi. The Kage is the village chief, liable for protecting issues operating easily, and planning for the shinobi within the occasion of warfare. It’s a extremely revered place, however it requires some critical energy and political information.

In Naruto’s house of the Village Hidden within the Leaves, the village chief is known as the Hokage. The variation for the identify comes from the village identify – Konohagakure. All the earlier Hokages have been leaders who carried out as exemplary shinobi throughout their coaching days. Additionally they all had distinctive jutsu that have been troublesome for others to study. The First Hokage used Wooden Launch, a chakra sort not often seen following his demise. Most of the excessive degree jutsu developed because the shinobi world rose was created by the primary three Hokages. The Fourth, likewise, created the Rasengan. In Naruto’s era, we noticed Tsunade attempt to maintain peace among the many nations because the Akatsuki sought energy.

Within the Naruto spinoff collection Boruto, Naruto lastly achieved his dream of turning into the Hokage, following his staff chief Kakashi within the position. As the Seventh Hokage, his powers blow everybody else’s out of the water. There’ll come a time when somebody has to turn into the Eighth Hokage, although. Relying on simply when that point comes, there are many characters who may need the prospect to fill his footwear.

With that stated, listed here are the 15 Characters Who Could Replace Naruto As Hokage (And 15 Who Aren’t Powerful Sufficient).

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30 Not Powerful Sufficient: Ino

Like most of the characters in Naruto’s era, Ino has some very particular expertise. Hers occur to be inherited from her father’s Yamanaka clan. Ino’s household inherits jutsu that focus on the thoughts. She will truly place her personal thoughts in another person’s physique to regulate them, talk telepathically with somebody, and probe somebody’s thoughts for info. It’s an unimaginable highly effective talent, however that’s almost the place her expertise finish.

Whereas utilizing her jutsu, her physique can also be left weak, which means she’d all the time want somebody together with her in a confrontation. It’s additionally onerous to think about any of the opposite nations trusting a Hokage who might learn their ideas.

29 Hokage Materials: Kakashi

Kakashi may need been Naruto’s predecessor as Hokage, however that doesn’t imply he can’t tackle the job once more. In any case, when the Fourth Hokage misplaced his life defending Konohagakure, the Third Hokage stepped again into the position. Kakashi won’t be as highly effective because the Third, and he won’t have been a war-time chief, however he instructions nice respect within the Hidden Leaf Village and out of doors of it.

If one thing have been to drive Naruto to step down prematurely, he can be a terrific candidate for the position once more. He additionally loves the village sufficient that he wouldn’t outright refuse if requested.

28 Not Powerful Sufficient: Rock Lee

Rock Lee could be a fan-favorite, and he may simply be probably the most decided character within the franchise, nevertheless it’s unlikely he’ll ever turn out to be Hokage. Although he has a singular fashion of preventing, Lee is simply proficient in hand-to-hand fight. It’s unimaginable for him to realize Hokage degree energy as a result of he has no approach to entry ninjutsu. As the first protection for his individuals, that might make Lee an extremely weak Hokage.

Due to the respect Lee has for Naruto, he would possible be prepared to fill in for his pal, however there’s no means he can be requested to do it.

27 Hokage Materials: Tsunade

Like Kakashi, Woman Tsunade already crammed the position of Hokage as soon as. The village turned to her, regardless of her being a wandering gambler for many years, after the Third Hokage misplaced his life in a battle with Orochimaru.

A part of the rationale for selecting Tsunade was as a result of she knew the village’s enemy higher than anybody else besides Jiraiya. When Orochimaru is not the enemy, she won’t be the perfect match for the village, however in contrast to a lot of the Konohagakure choices, she’s truly led the village into conflict. Tsunade is aware of the boring elements of the diplomatic job and the speedy hearth responses wanted when the village is threatened.

26 Not Powerful Sufficient: May Man

Man spent a lot of his time as a shinobi competing with Kakashi. It will appear logical that since Kakashi turned a candidate for the Hokage place, Man can be a great match as properly. Nevertheless, he doesn’t fairly make the grade. In contrast to the opposite Hokages, Man doesn’t have quite a lot of specialty jutsu to tug from. He sometimes excels in hand-to-hand fight as an alternative of fancier strikes. Utilizing the Eight Gates almost destroyed him, leaving him not almost as robust as he as soon as was.

If his energy degree have been sufficient, there’s additionally his temperament. Man is excitable, all the time prepared to show issues right into a recreation. That makes him an ideal instructor, however not a terrific political chief.

25 Hokage Materials: Sasuke

If there’s anybody who’s a Konohagakure citizen and has an identical degree of energy to Naruto, it’s acquired to be Sasuke. He’s spent most of his grownup years making an attempt to atone for the ache he put the village by means of, so he’d definitely be dedicated to serving to his individuals at any value. Sasuke doesn’t fairly have Naruto’s allure, although, and he even comes throughout as chilly typically. He won’t have the friendliest relationship with different village leaders.

There’s additionally the difficulty of whether or not Sasuke would need the job, as hee appears content material to assist from the shadows. If his greatest good friend was one way or the other out of fee, although, Sasuke would do no matter it took to assist.

24 Not Powerful Sufficient: Shino

Shino has a really particular talent set. Out of all the characters within the franchise, he’s in all probability the one we see carry out the least actions outdoors of it.  The Aburame Clan focuses on bugs. Capable of talk with bugs, Shino can get them to assist him with offensive measures, but in addition with reconnaissance. These each make him a helpful asset, however not essentially the most effective for Hokage.

As an alternative, he appears to suit greatest the place the Boruto collection has him now, as a instructor for the youthful era. It was a place he wasn’t snug with initially, however one he’s undoubtedly grown into.

23 Hokage Materials: Konohamaru

Approach again when Naruto was nonetheless an adolescent having hassle mastering his expertise, Konohamaru was nonetheless attending the Ninja Academy. Each younger males declared their intentions to be Hokage earlier than both of them actually understood what the job meant.

As an grownup, Konohamaru leads Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki’s group on common missions. We all know he mastered a whole lot of the identical expertise Naruto is understood for, and he takes his duty in main the youthful era very significantly. He won’t have fairly as a lot firepower as Naruto (but), however he discovered from a number of the greatest shinobi within the franchise, together with Naruto himself. Apart from, he’s even named for the village. It’s a terrific match.

22 Not Powerful Sufficient: Anko

When followers first met Anko, she was a Chunin Examination proctor in Naruto. By the point Boruto enrolled on the Ninja Academy, we noticed Anko working as a instructor, now round full time as an alternative of only for exams. Educated by Orochimaru as a toddler, who even taught her a few of his signature strikes, followers would anticipate Anko to be a very robust shinobi. Sadly, we haven’t seen a number of proof of that.

As an alternative, Anko took a backseat within the franchise. The youthful era has outpaced her. She hasn’t proven Hokage degree power, and it might be a shock if she turned the village chief.

21 Hokage Materials: Moegi

One in every of Konohamaru’s greatest associates rising up, Moegi, was a member of his shinobi staff once they graduated the Academy. Regardless of her worry of harmful conditions as a child, she confirmed herself as fast on her ft and a quick learner. In Boruto, she leads the brand new era of Ino-Shika-Cho, and she or he’s the primary sensei who hasn’t been a Sarutobi Clan member, so we all know she’s obtained to have some critical expertise.

Apparently, her knowledge sheets within the manga additionally reveal that she’s a grasp of Wooden Launch, a chakra sort solely the First Hokage got here by naturally, main followers to consider there’s extra to her than meets the attention.

20 Not Powerful Sufficient: Kiba

As a young person, Kiba expressed curiosity in turning into Hokage in the future. As an grownup, nevertheless, we haven’t seen a lot of him. Kiba’s energy lies largely in his bond together with his ninja canine Akamaru. Most of his greatest assaults are a results of combining his talents with Akamaru’s, like Fang Over Fang. He’s very observant, has an excellent sense of odor, and may monitor with the most effective of them.

Being nice with canine and able to monitoring down an enemy doesn’t make for a terrific village chief, although. He’s higher fitted to selective missions as an alternative.

19 Hokage Materials: Boruto

Boruto made it clear that he by no means needs to be Hokage. Actually, he resents that for a lot of his childhood, his father targeted on the village as an alternative of him. Simply because he doesn’t need the job now doesn’t imply he wouldn’t be nice at it, nevertheless.

Boruto already mastered talents Naruto gained in his late teen years at a youthful age. From an influence standpoint, he’s nicely on his method to surpassing his father’s expertise. He additionally has an awesome talent that his father has. Dubbed by followers as Speak No Jutsu, it’s the power to not solely empathize with the dangerous man, but in addition to speak them out of a nasty choice. That’s a should.

18 Not Powerful Sufficient: Sai

A brand new character launched following Naruto’s time leap, Sai changed Sasuke on Workforce 7. He held numerous promise. With an fascinating energy set that concerned bringing drawings to life, he even discovered Naruto “weak” once they first interacted. Sai shortly discovered to not underestimate Naruto, although, deferring to his new teammate in a variety of confrontations. The 2, as soon as over their preliminary animosity, labored properly collectively.

Regardless of having such an fascinating energy to make use of in battle, Sai is fairly horrible at studying individuals. His time in Root meant that he needed to relearn every thing about human emotion. He’s obtained years of follow now, however it will make him a troublesome Hokage to work with.

17 Hokage Materials: Shikamaru

As the village’s resident genius, and Naruto’s most trusted advisor, Shikamaru already is aware of the ins and outs of the job. Whilst a lately promoted teenager, Woman Tsunade trusted him to place collectively groups and make defensive technique for the village. With over a decade of expertise beneath his belt now, Shikamaru is a good match for the job of Hokage.

He’s highly effective sufficient to carry his personal towards village enemies, and sensible sufficient to provide you with a plan if he couldn’t do it alone. The one hassle is that Shikamaru probably wouldn’t need the job. He’d relatively assist another person paved the way.

16 Not Powerful Sufficient: Iwabe

Certainly one of Boruto’s Ninja Academy classmates, Iwabe, is likely one of the older college students of his era. He failed his Academy exams a number of occasions just because he didn’t apply himself in non-shinobi topics.

Iwabe has come a great distance within the brief time we’ve seen him. He’s much less confrontational and extra appreciative of his teammates. He’s, nevertheless, somebody who prizes the shinobi lifestyle above all others. Not all the villagers in Konohagakure are shinobi, and he’d have to know the civilians in addition to the ninja to steer them.

15 Hokage Materials: Hinata

She could be a housewife within the Boruto collection, however Hinata spent her teen years turning into probably the most formidable shinobi within the village. She overcame her shyness and confidence points to tackle a management position for her shinobi group in the course of the Fourth World Struggle.

Hinata even stood on the frontlines of the battlefield with Naruto, inspiring the complete village. She’s confirmed herself greater than able to main a gaggle of shinobi. Together with her Byakugan and honed hand-to-hand expertise, she’s a match for almost any opponent. Her pragmatic strategy to discussions would additionally make her an awesome negotiator.

14 Not Powerful Sufficient: Kurenai

Followers of the unique Naruto collection will keep in mind Kurenai because the sensei who took Hinata Hyuga beneath her wing when her father thought she was too weak. Followers of Naruto Shippuūden will keep in mind her taking a backseat within the storyline after she turned pregnant.

All through her time within the present and manga, Kurenai proved herself as a succesful staff chief. She was additionally one of many few of her era followers noticed who was an professional in genjutsu. Sadly, Kurenai was additionally the kind of one that was fast to determine to give up her job as a mentor when she made a mistake, which is not as simply completed within the Hokage place.

13 Hokage Materials: Choji

Choji may appear to be an unconventional selection for Hokage, however he’s come a great distance since followers first met him. As a member of Workforce 10 throughout his childhood, Choji discovered the worth of teamwork, in addition to how you can comply with orders. He was by no means the perfect strategist, however he was all the time prepared to defer to somebody like Shikamaru for the perfect plan.

As a results of his size-change jutsu and the Akimichi Clan’s meals drugs, Choji additionally is aware of his personal limits and have become an ideal decide of how a lot he can deal with. Choji, subsequent in line to be chief of his personal clan, can be the sort of Hokage who truly took the recommendation of these round him.

12 Not Powerful Sufficient: Chouchou

Within the new era, the members of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio are almost as highly effective as their mother and father. In principle, Chouchou can be virtually as highly effective as her father Choji. The issue with Chouchou is that she isn’t but sensible about how she makes use of her talents.

The Akimichi clan depends on energy from meals to transform into chakra to gasoline their household jutsu. Chouchou makes use of her talents each time she needs to as an alternative of conserving her energy for occasions of want. To be truthful, she’s younger and inexperienced. With age may come a maturity that permits her to raised management her energy. Proper now, although, she doesn’t appear to be a superb match for Hokage.

11 Hokage Materials: Shikadai

If Naruto stays Hokage for a pleasant, very long time, the subsequent individual to steer the Hidden Leaf Village will probably be a member of the subsequent era. Shikadai makes for a great candidate. Like his father Shikamaru, Shikadai has a head for technique. He’s capable of see enemy motion the identical method he would see items on a gameboard. That recognition permits him to foretell conduct and assault patterns.

He additionally already mastered most of the inherited jutsu recognized to the Nara Clan. In a number of years, he might simply be advising the Hokage, identical to his father, and making himself prepared for the management place.

10 Not Powerful Sufficient: Hiashi Hyuga

There are various fan theories about simply how a lot the Hyuga clan protected the Hidden Leaf Village through the years. With their Byakugan, the household can definitely supply the Leaf a eager warning system. Hiashi Hyuga, as clan chief, might have been a grant candidate for Hokage.

The difficulty is that regardless of Hiashi having the Byakugan, and the respect of a lot of the village, Hiashi can also be a lot older. Turning into Hokage for the primary time can be an enormous enterprise for somebody who has principally stayed out of the political panorama of the collection. It’s unlikely that he can be the primary, and even 15th, selection to switch Naruto.

9 Hokage Materials: Sakura

Followers accustomed to the early days of Naruto would by no means have pegged Sakura as a candidate for Hokage sooner or later. Regularly needing her teammates to guard her, it took a time skip and medical ninjutsu coaching earlier than Sakura might stand on her personal. Whereas it’s unlikely she’d make a terrific long run Hokage, Sakura can be efficient and environment friendly as an interim Hokage if something occurred to Naruto.

As a shinobi in coaching, she labored intently with the final three Hokages – Tsunade, Kakashi, and Naruto. She is aware of the ins and outs of the job. With exact chakra management and medical coaching, she’s as efficient in battle as she can be within the workplace.

eight Not Powerful Sufficient: Shizune

Like Sakura, Shizune educated beneath Woman Tsunade. She additionally occurred to be Tsunade’s proper hand whereas the latter was Hokage, so she would have a agency grasp on simply what the job entails. Shizune, nevertheless, doesn’t get loads of possibilities to point out us what she will do within the franchise. The few missions we see her on fail, as she and her group are outmatched.

She additionally spent numerous time throughout Naruto Shippuden trying to persuade Tsunade to not do issues. Lots of those self same issues, like sending Naruto on particular missions, turned out as the most effective name. She won’t be one of the best decide of what’s proper for the village.

7 Hokage Materials: Mitsuki

One of many latest additions to the franchise, Mitsuki is the product of Orochimaru’s scientific experimentation. He’s discovered a lot in his time working with Boruto and Sarada, however he nonetheless has an extended method to go. Mitsuki already rivals most of the grownup characters within the franchise with regards to uncooked energy. He has a variety of the skills his father or mother is understood for, and he’ll solely get stronger.

Mitsuki turning into Hokage would additionally function a literal marrying of science and shinobi way of life that Boruto has despatched a lot time specializing in, offering a brand new path for the village.

6 Not Powerful Sufficient: Mirai

The daughter of Kurenai and the late Asuma, Mirai has turn into a formidable shinobi. We haven’t had the prospect to see a lot of her in motion but, however we all know she typically stories on to the Hokage.

Mirai isn’t a lot older than the brand new era of Boruto, and due to that, the franchise hasn’t positioned a concentrate on her. She’s in that in-between group of characters that we don’t get to know very properly. As a end result, the writers haven’t proven us any large energy or necessary story arcs, leaving most followers to consider that she isn’t able to turn out to be the Hokage any time within the close to future.

5 Hokage Materials: Sarada

As the daughter of Naruto’s former teammates, Sarada has a number of inherited expertise that may serve her properly able of energy. She’s acquired the Uchiha household Sharingan, and she or he’s discovered chakra management from Sakura.  Like Naruto and Konohamaru earlier than her, she additionally expressed her intent to develop into the subsequent Hokage at a younger age.

Sarada is the kind of scholar who absorbs every little thing she will. She was ranked excessive academically on the Ninja Academy, however she additionally picks up sensible expertise in a short time. Even within the midst of a struggle, she’s capable of adapt shortly to her surroundings, displaying that she’d function a fast considering Hokage.

four Not Powerful Sufficient: Iruka

Lengthy earlier than Naruto turned Hokage, he was merely a scholar. His Ninja Academy sensei, and the one who seemed out for him probably the most as a toddler, was Iruka. As a instructor on the Academy, Iruka was chargeable for offering shinobi with a basis to construct their jutsu on. He did simply that with Naruto, even when it appeared like Naruto couldn’t perceive something. Somebody who was capable of assist mould a future Hokage has to have some hearth energy, proper?

The reality is that we don’t actually know. We haven’t seen Iruka in motion a lot. That’s why, regardless of being a mentor for the present Hokage, we will’t see him as being highly effective sufficient to do the job.

three Hokage Materials: Temari

Fairly probably the one member of the Hidden Leaf Village whose means to compose technique rivals Shikamaru’s, Temari can be a superb candidate for a management place. She proved herself succesful when followers first noticed her come near defeating Shikamaru within the Chunin Exams. Years later, she hung out proctoring the exams herself and touring the Land of Hearth on diplomatic missions. She’s extra educated concerning the customs of different villages than most.

The one issues that may rely towards Temari are her fast mood and her connection to her childhood house. Her brother is the Kage of the Hidden Sand Village, making it unlikely that the Hidden Leaf Village would place her in cost.

2 Not Powerful Sufficient: Tenten

Like her former teammate Rock Lee, Tenten is a fan-favorite. She holds an honest talent set within the common jutsu utilized by shinobi, however she demonstrates one nice trick. Tenten is a grasp of nearly each weapon within the shinobi world. As a teen, Tenten used scrolls to summon the weapons she wanted right into a battle, giving her a limiteless provide. She’s additionally sensible, capable of logically suss out her choices.

As an grownup, although, we haven’t seen a lot of her past her involvement in serving to check Academy college students of their exams. With out an concept of her energy as an grownup, or her involvement within the shinobi world, we will’t actually see her as Hokage.

1 Hokage Materials: Orochimaru

Orochimaru is the one member of the Legendary Sannin who was by no means provided the place of Hokage. Jiraiya turned it down and Tsunade turned Hokage whereas the Hidden Leaf Village noticed Orochimaru as an enemy. He’s supposedly turned a brand new leaf today, however he’s all the time coveted the place of energy.

If there’s any shinobi within the franchise who belongs among the many strongest, it’s Orochimaru. He’s been capable of sway shinobi to turn into his devoted followers and he discovered methods to mix scientific experiment with shinobi “magic.”  It will definitely be a twist if the previous villain managed to snake his method into the workplace of Hokage.

Who do you assume can be a fantastic Eighth Hokage as soon as Naruto leaves the submit? Did we make good alternatives, or have been we approach off the mark? Tell us within the feedback!

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