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10 Marvel Characters He Could Defeat In Seconds (And 10 Who’d Destroy Him)

10 Marvel Characters He Could Defeat In Seconds (And 10 Who’d Destroy Him)

For most individuals, assembly a heavily-armed tactical weapons skilled like The Punisher in a darkish alley isn’t the kind of factor they ever hope to should cope with. Frank Citadel is a super-soldier with out each having gone by way of Captain America’s super-soldier course of. Evan as street-level superhero with out precise superpowers, nevertheless, he’s about as harmful as you will get with out some meta-enhancement. Outlaws worry this cold-blooded vigilante as he plows via in his warfare on crime. The Punisher not solely has critical firepower, but in addition the world’s biggest experience in wielding it.

Because of this an peculiar individual would stand no probability dealing with off towards him. Even with out weapons, this man is a formidable martial artist and no-holds-barred road brawler. What about when he faces off towards his fellow Marvel Comics Universe characters? How would The Punisher fare towards a number of the strongest people in that pantheon? In some instances, it’s a no brainer: The Punisher simply doesn’t have the superpowers to maintain up with most superpowered Marvel characters. However in others, he would completely wipe out the competitors in a one-on-one faceoff. And there’s an entire lot of in-between as nicely. We already know that he’s been capable of maintain his personal towards each Spider-Man and Daredevil in multiple event. Allow us to focus then on the contests which might yield a transparent winner and yield it shortly!

Right here are 10 Marvel Characters The Punisher Could Defeat In Seconds (And 10 Who’d Destroy Him).

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20 Hawkeye (defeat)

Clint Barton isn’t precisely probably the most awe-inspiring superhero within the Marvel Universe. Sure, he’s an honest fighter, sure, he has a quiver of trick arrows, and sure, he’s an skilled marksman, however from there, his resume will get sort of skinny. As a cog within the bigger machine of a workforce just like the Avengers, he serves an essential function, however in a one-on-one face-off, the Punisher is bringing an entire lot of weapons to an arrow battle!

Stripped naked of their weapons, they can battle one another to a standstill, but when Mr. Citadel storms the citadel with automated rifles, rocket launchers and flame throwers, Hawkeye can be toast very quickly. Sorry, Clint, however your smoke bolt gained’t get you out of this one!

19 Thor (destroy)

It takes simply 4 phrases to settle this argument fairly shortly: “Thor is a god.” No gun-toting human goes to face an opportunity towards a real deity just like the son of Odin. Nonetheless, let’s rely the ways in which Thor would completely demolish the Punisher. To start with, he’s fairly invulnerable to most ammunition. From there, issues get actually robust. He can fly, hurl, and direct his invulnerable hammer, summon storms and is as robust because the Hulk.

Allow us to suppose the Punisher is armed with mystical weapons, maybe cast by dwarves. It’s nonetheless a nasty deal for Frank. Thor is tremendous quick, can use his hammer defensively and even for teleportation, plus he can name up his daddy when he’s in actual hassle.

18 Kingpin (defeat)

Kingpin just isn’t a supervillain to be trifled with. His manipulation expertise and organizational prowess are unmatched. That is what makes him such an efficient mob chief, and why he’s so harmful. Is he a reasonably robust dude? Positive, he’s, however not robust sufficient.

In a face-to-face on some road nook, with no assist from his goons, employed assassins or crooked cops, Wilson Fisk merely wouldn’t final 5 seconds towards a grasp fighter like Frank Fort. Overlook it in the event that they have been equally armed– even in hand-to-hand fight, Punisher is the far simpler contender, having been educated by the army in all types of highly effective strikes. Kingpin can be smeared on the road very quickly.

17 Physician Doom (destroy)

Victor Von Doom is the self-proclaimed Ruler of Latveria and simply one of many hardest dangerous guys in all the Marvel Universe. Past being an absolute genius and potent tactician, Physician Doom employs a hybrid of sci-fi devices and Roma magic to make him so formidable that he’s defeated everyone from The Implausible 4 to the Silver Surfer. Not solely that, however he wears a go well with of armor outfitted with power weapons, conjuration enhancers, and all method of super-sophisticated defensive and offensive powers.

Principally, this man is an evil mashup of Iron Man, Reed Richards and Physician Unusual. The Punisher might include all of the bullets on the planet, however it might make no distinction towards the desire of Doom!

16 Black Widow (defeat)

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Captain America The Winter Soldier Cropped Poster

No offense to the top-level super-spy referred to as the Black Widow, however in a good struggle, she will get outclassed by The Punisher. Let’s begin with the apparent belongings Natasha Romanoff brings to the desk as a educated black ops agent: like Frank Fort, she is a implausible fighter. She additionally in all probability has an analogous deal with on methods to use weapons and bazookas.

Nevertheless, Black Widow isn’t the kind of superhero who takes on armies single-handedly. She’s extra of a deep cowl operator, the ghost who can sneak into the machine and strike the weak spot. The Punisher, then again, is a full-bore soldier whose focus is open fight using overwhelming drive. In relation to a person-to-person battle, Black Widow would in all probability see her final day.

15 Scarlet Witch (destroy)

Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch in Avengers Infinity War

Wanda Maximoff is a mutant, she has telekinetic talents, and she will do one thing actually bizarre: she will change the possible end result of any given state of affairs together with her “chaos magic.” Let’s check out the state of affairs: right here comes The Punisher rolling in on a tank, weapons armed and primed, able to rain havoc on the poor Scarlet Witch. All of the sudden, the tank will get caught in some mud, all of Frank’s weapons jam, and a close-by wall simply occurs to fall on him.

These reality-warping powers are so scary that they reconfigured all the fates of many Marvel characters within the Home of M saga. Technically, she might scramble occasions and make it so Frank’s household continues to be alive and he by no means even turns into The Punisher. Verify and mate!

14 Iceman (defeat)

With regards to the merry world of Marvel’s unique mutants, the X-Males pioneer often known as Iceman has all the time been a fan favourite. This can be a man who could make your beer chilly in two seconds and whip round on frozen bridges. He’s had epic battles towards the Human Torch – just about the Yang to Iceman’s Ying – and has even bravely come out as homosexual.

The Punisher might simply arm himself to cope with Bobby Drake’s powers. How about some napalm to warmth issues up for Iceman? Can ice partitions actually cease rocket-propelled grenades? Positive, Bobby might cool issues down sufficient to make circumstances excessive for Mr. Fort. As a educated particular forces officer, a heavy parka can be all he must get the job accomplished!

13 Deadpool (destroy)

Deadpool Kills Hitler in the Super Duper Cut

Deadpool and The Punisher are evenly matched in lots of essential methods. Each are grasp hand-to-hand fight specialists. Each are very properly versed within the methods of munitions, firearms, and all different method of weapons. In fact, each simply love blowing stuff up! In the event that they have been each regular people, they would really be at stalemat– however that’s an enormous “if.”

The very fact is that the Merc with a Mouth is definitely a mutant with a regenerative therapeutic energy that places Wolverine to disgrace. To place it one other approach – he just about appears immortal. Regardless of what number of bullet holes the Punisher drilled into Deadpool, they’ll shut proper again up. Frank has no such energy. Wade Wilson would make brief work of Frank Citadel.

12 Nick Fury (defeat)

Nick Fury Samuel L Jackson Avengers

What’s that you simply say? Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. is each bit the weapons skilled that Frank Fort is? Oh, and also you consider they’ve each been equally educated in hand-to-hand fight, so this one ought to be a stalemate? Sorry, however we beg to vary.

Sure, Fury is a well-trained fighter who in all probability might deal with some weapons that The Punisher has by no means even see, however the reality stays that Fury’s main position shouldn’t be as front-line soldier anymore – and hasn’t been in a while. Having been the person behind the scenes for a while now makes him much less of an asset in single fight. In the meantime, Frank takes it to the road each single day. Nick would lose this one massive time.

11 Iron Man (destroy)

Bullet-proof armor? Verify. Superior weapons techniques? Verify. Genius-level thinker? Examine. Capacity to tackle the Hulk himself? Examine. We might go on.

Tony Stark’s well-known Iron Man exoskeletal go well with is actually a technical marvel. It flies, it blasts power beams, and a lot extra. The Punisher merely wouldn’t final a second up towards the Golden Avenger. Perhaps Frank Fort will get his arms on some critical ballistics, lasers, or metal-melting ordinance. Even then, Iron Man makes brief work of him. The synthetic intelligence powering the go well with plus Tony’s personal pure brilliance will usually discover a approach round nearly anyone. Frank Citadel isn’t even in the identical league– he’d go down faster than you possibly can say “Obadiah Stane.”

10 Groot (defeat)

Baby Groot goes crazy mad Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy staff member Groot has extra superpowers than merely repeating the phrases “I am Groot” again and again. He is extremely robust. He can regenerate misplaced items of himself, and he can command different crops to assault his enemies. Nevertheless, as we discovered within the films, he isn’t immortal.

Frank Fort is a one-man military. To not be too facetious, what the heck might Groot do if The Punisher have been to drop some Agent Orange on him? The anti-foliage chemical might make the strolling tree wither away to nothing. Critically, all it will take for Citadel to knock this extraterrestrial superhero out can be the right ordinance. As everyone knows, The Punisher goes to nice lengths to be correctly ready.

9 Gamora (destroy)

Because the adopted daughter of none aside from Thanos, the Mad Titan who ended half of all life within the universe, Gamora is not any slouch. She has not solely been educated to be an A-level fighter, she’s additionally been imbued with super-strength, had her agility and velocity enhanced, and principally has spent her entire life prepping for an epic battle towards Warlock’s evil future self, The Magus.

Gamora is aware of the best way to deal with superior alien weaponry. Frank Citadel is not any cosmic powerhouse. He’s a mere human being. Gamora is the type of warrior who faces off towards crashing starships. The Punisher has weapons that go boom-boom. This one isn’t even a contest, the green-skinned murderer would take Mr. Citadel out in nothing flat.

eight Mystique (defeat)

Mystique X-Men

We don’t need to sneeze on the energy lots of Marvel’s mutants have, however let’s check out Mystique. Sure, she is a troublesome fighter, there’s no query on that. Her shape-shifting powers make her a superb spy; the last word mole who might efficiently impersonate anybody in a deep cowl task.

On the battlefield, nevertheless, she simply doesn’t have the weapons experience to tackle The Punisher. She would have nowhere to cover as he would in all probability use particular tech goggles to comply with her actions. Frank might virtually undoubtedly outclass her in a straight-up battle as properly. There’s no thriller as to how Mystique would do on this conflict.

7 Hulk (destroy)

Hulk is the strongest one there’s. What does that imply precisely? Nicely, he’s bullet-proof, bomb-proof, missile-proof, and nearly anything-proof. The US Military has thrown battalions at Marvel’s jolly inexperienced big, and he’s torn aside their tanks, cannons, and the whole lot else like a lot tissue paper. What on the earth might Punisher do to cease him?

Let’s fake Frank’s acquired Hulk-busting weaponry, maybe courtesy of The Chief. None of that stuff has ever labored for lengthy. Bruce Banner’s alter ego simply will get angrier and stronger. Frank Fort wouldn’t have an opportunity. If he was sensible, he’d simply forfeit earlier than the struggle began.

6 Vulture (defeat)

It might not appear truthful to incorporate some low-grade supervillains when contemplating a battle with Frank Citadel, however we have to cowl the entire spectrum of Marvel characters in our sampling. Spider-Man baddie The Vulture isn’t precisely probably the most highly effective foe The Punisher might face. He flies round, he has some average weaponry, and that’s about it.

The Punisher, then again, can shoot down planes, blast away tanks and rain down the wrath of the gods within the type of scorching lead. He even makes use of guided missiles once in a while, which might simply outrun this poor previous thief. For The Punisher, a struggle with the Vulture would just about be nothing greater than a turkey shoot!

5 Jean Gray (destroy)

X2 Jean Grey

Earlier than we get began on this entry, let’s outline the precise contestant on this case. Jean Gray might primarily be two individuals. One is the telekinetic mutant who additionally has restricted telepathic powers. The opposite is the being she turns into when she is possessed by the Phoenix pressure, an elemental energy which accurately feasts on stars. Overlook that one– in fact Darkish Phoenix would wipe the Punisher out!

What concerning the Omega-level mutant? Together with her formidable potential to maneuver objects together with her thoughts, Frank Citadel would in all probability by no means get a bullet to hit her. And if she instruments round inside his thoughts, he’ll by no means even get the drop on her. Regardless of who she is, Jean Gray wins this battle with no drawback.

four Hellcat (defeat)

Trish Walker in Jessica Jones and Hellcat

Patsy Walker has had many fascinating personas in her lengthy and storied comedian guide appearances. First premiering because the protagonist of a teen romance comedian, she went on to turn into a superhero after Marvel’s revolutionary 1961 revamp occurred. For the needs of this contest, we’re concentrate on her incarnation as Hellcat, a street-level brawler with no particular powers.

Positive, she’s tenacious and doesn’t hand over in a struggle, however The Punisher is just harder and his arsenal of explosives and projectiles simply outmatch Hellcat’s metallic claws. She does have some delicate mystical powers which give defenses towards magic assaults – however not towards bullets. All of us love Patsy and need her 9 lives, however up towards Frank Citadel, that simply wouldn’t occur!

three Magneto (destroy)

Doing the maths on this one shouldn’t show too robust. The Punisher primarily makes use of metallic weapons to take out his enemies. Meaning weapons, bullets, knives, bombs, grenades – you get the thought. Magneto, probably the most highly effective mutants of all time, has absolute management over all issues metallic by advantage of his mastery of magnetism. What does this imply? Frank Citadel’s fundamental asset as a pressure to be reckoned with has been taken out.

In reality, any weapon he does deliver can be immediately turned towards him. Theoretically, he might present up with picket or plastic arrows or bullets, however Magneto might nonetheless defend himself with any scrap metallic laying round and promptly wrap a road lamp across the Punisher’s head in seconds. Frank might as properly throw within the towel this time.

2 Agent Carter (defeat)

Hayley Atwell Calls Wonder Woman a 'Triumph'

Right here we now have probably the most wonderful secret brokers ever to grace the world of the Marvel Universe. Peggy Carter isn’t just a soldier, but in addition sensible in espionage. She will deal with weapons fairly properly and her bravery behind enemy strains throughout wartime is known. Nonetheless, she’s simply not the kind of battlefield warrior that Frank Fort is.

The Punisher would come at Agent Carter with all the things he had, have been he inclined to take action. The extremely aggressive antihero would simply outmatch Peggy in a face-to-face confrontation. We all know she would give it every part she’s acquired, however Citadel would outgun her in a short time.

1 Hela (destroy)

Thor Ragnarok - Hela on Hel

Solely a handful of entities within the recognized Marvel universes might be anticipated to tackle Hela, the Asgardian goddess of the afterlife. For one factor, she is just about immortal, whereas the Punisher is clearly only a common human. For an additional, that is the lady who crushed Thor’s hammer Mjolnir together with her naked hands– that’s mystically-forged metallic we’re speaking about! Common earthly projectiles like bullets and missiles can be youngster’s play by comparability.

In the meantime, Hela actually controls mortality with the palm of her hand. With only a gesture, she might finish the Punisher’s life as simply as Thanos snapped away half of the universe’s dwelling beings. That is just about a no-contest state of affairs!

What Marvel character would you wish to see The Punisher battle? Tell us within the feedback!

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